Eye Candy: 10 Deliciously Colorful Living Room Sofas

10 Colorful Living Room Sofas
Photo: Devon Dyer Design

It can be scary to buy a colorful sofa – it’s a big investment, and quite a commitment. But if you can muster up the courage to do it, it’s sure to pay off in a big way. Here are ten gorgeous brightly-colored sofas that make big statements.   


10 Colorful Living Room Sofas

1. Two colorful sofas in one room? Now that’s bold! [Photo: Emily Henderson]

2. This orange couch looks like a comfy spot to read a book. Continue Reading

Decor Disputes: Do You Prefer Matching Sofa Sets and Sectionals or Coordinating Pieces?

Matching sofa set vs. mismatched pieces.

People tend to have very strong opinions on this matter. Coordinating sofa sets and sectionals offer an instant sense of cohesion; choosing mismatched furniture, however, takes some extra planning. Which do you prefer? Click through for more examples of each style.   


Both images above use bright pops of color, but in very different ways. The blue sofas are very uniform, giving the space an easy elegance. The living room on the right uses the pink sofa as a guide for the rest of the room, adding other pops of pink to give the mismatched grouping an “intentional” feel. Continue Reading