How To: Paint The Most Realistic Faux Marble Countertops

Marble is definitely the creme de la creme when it comes to countertops. But it can also break the bank when it comes to designing your kitchen or bathroom to include it. After seeing this amazing tutorial to paint MDF to look like marble, yes, PAINT it, (for $30!!!) I’m totally convinced that this is the way around the financial sacrifice. And it looks amazingly realistic that you might be able to fool even the most experienced of marble lovers.        Continue Reading

How To: Modern White Concrete Countertops


DIY white concrete countertops tutorial
photo: Chris Loves Julia

Concrete counters. It’s not a new idea to the internet, but it’s always been one I’ve been partial to. I love seeing the different variations DIYers take on a concrete countertop, and this WHITE take is my new favorite. Definitely keeping this tutorial in the back of my mind for the day we own a kitchen!      


DIY white concrete countertops
photo: Chris Loves Julia


I have loved watching the renovation of Chris and Julia’s kitchen and their latest addition, the white concrete countertops, is such a fantastic process to watch! Continue Reading

Countertops with Personality


If you read my blog post (and resulting comments from my fellow Curbliers) about granite countertops, you’ve discovered several reasons why a lot of people hate them. High on the list were coldness, chipping and its ‘busy pattern.’ I’m going to throw out another reason not to like it: It’s not FUN. What would constitute a fun countertop? How about these very retro solid surface specimens:

 Pictured above, with close-up below, is Formica’s Citron Ice. Continue Reading

Who Hates Granite Countertops?

chicago kitchen contractor modern granite and custom cabinets

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of having a long conversation with my big brother about home improvements. You see, he and his wife bought a new/old house last year that needed quite a bit of TLC. One room in particular in need of attention was the kitchen. Because circumstances being what they are, big bro will be selling this house in then next 2 years, so he’s been doing his improvements with an eye toward resale. Continue Reading

From Log to Luxe: A DIY Timber Bathroom Vanity

created at: 10/10/2011

So, what do you do with a giant piece of leftover, rough cut fir timber?  Turn it into a modern floating bathroom vanity, of course!  

created at: 10/10/2011

Marci Moe of the blog Timber and Lace did just that.  After some exterior work on her house, she was left with a sizable chunk of timber.  Not wanting it to go to waste, she put her wood working skills to the test and set about creating this gorgeous floating vanity.   Continue Reading

How to Make Concrete Counter Tops

created at: 07/11/2011

Not only does this post include a ‘before and after’, it also includes a tutorial on how to make concrete counter tops! How’s that for double duty?? First the before and after. Pictured above is a shot of Jessie’s kitchen from about 2 years ago when she first moved in to her house. Below is what it looks like now, complete with shiny new DIYed concrete counter tops:   

created at: 07/11/2011

This is NOT the project for the faint of heart, however, if you’re willing to follow Jessie’s advice, DIYing concrete countertops will save you THOUSANDS of dollars. Continue Reading

DIY Idea: Plywood Countertops

created at: 04/11/2011

Like many people living in the ‘burbs, our kitchen counters boast that favorite of builder-grade materials: laminate.  We desperately want to replace them with something more in line with our style (and budget) and have tossed around the idea of DIY concrete counters or going the IKEA butcher block route.  But then I saw this: countertops made from plywood.  

Yes, plywood!  That’s not a material I would have ever considered for kitchen counters, would you?  I like the overall look in the Scandinavian-styled cottage (above) and think it works fairly well in the kitchen below.   Continue Reading

DIY Granite-Look Countertops for a FRACTION of the Price


I don’t know about you, but I’m very skeptical of those ‘looks just like the real thing’ kinds of finishing techniques. Especially stainless and granite wannabes. That’s why Tanya’s remarks about her recent countertop makeover were of particular interest. The countertop before looks like it was a standard Formica product. Tanya wanted granite, but it was way out of budget, so she decided to use RustOleum’s Stone Effects. Here’s what she had to say about the project:

You apply it directly to your existing counter top. Continue Reading

Eco Friendly Alternative: Reface Laminate Countertops

created at: 2009-08-28

Ugly laminate countertops can make us do crazy things, like trying to paint them. I’ve never really tried it but the thought has crossed my mind. Take a look at this resurfacing system that was developed in Canada and is being sold by ecocountertopsUSA, Canada and Australia.

created at: 2009-08-28

For a fraction of the cost of ripping out old laminate and replacing it with granite or a solid surface material, a trained technician will apply the water based, toxin free, low odor, environmentally friendly fresh surface in 4-5 hours. Continue Reading