How To: Make One-of-a-Kind Prints Using Gelatin!

created at: 05/31/2012

I took a bunch of different printmaking classes in college, but this technique still blows my mind! No fancy presses, machines, or chemicals required — just regular old gelatin. Amazing, right?   


created at: 05/31/2012

Cassie Stephens put together this tutorial as part of an art class for second graders. It’s pretty simple and, frankly, kind of magical! All you need to try this at home is the following:

  • gelatin
  • cookie sheets
  • printmaking brayer (available at most craft stores)
  • printing ink
  • leaves
  • paper

Once you’ve gathered your supplies and are ready to found out how this awesome process works, head over to Cassie’s blog! Continue Reading

How To: Make Your Own Paper Pencils

created at: 05/10/2012

I thought these DIY paper pencils would fit in quite nicely with the “art” theme we’re rocking this month. The possibilities are as endless and pretty and artsy as you want them to be!   

The tutorial is for regular graphite, but you could easily create your own colored pencils, too. Just get your hands on the 2mm lead of your choice, grab some pretty paper* and your trusty bottle of ModPodge, then head over to Scissors.Paper.Wok Continue Reading

Colorful- and Washable!- Painted Vase

created at: 04/02/2012

New spring blossoms aren’t just for the outside!  How about sprucing up those plain glass vases with paint?  And unlike the flowers starting to blossom outside, these colorful poppies are there to stay.   Amanda gives the low-down on how to use the Gloss Enamel paint and your kitchen oven to give your artistic creations a permanent home on glass. 

created at: 04/02/2012

Since you can find these types of vases for CHEAP, you can really go to town for any season, holiday, event, or whatever.  Continue Reading

How To: Bat Craft Crazy

Bat chandelier at Pottery Barn Kids

I have bats. Not in my house, thank goodness, but in my yard. We see them flying in their ungainly way amongst the treetops at twilight. They are always welcome, but at this time of year, when the wee beasties become a bit more scarce and hibernation is around the corner, the bats make fewer visits. Good thing there is bat crafts to fill the void. 

The chandelier pictured above was actually a Pottery Barn Kids item. Continue Reading

Apple Decor: 6 DIY Projects Using Fall’s Favorite Fruit

apple bombs

This time of year means one thing and one thing only, as far as produce goes that is. It’s the beginning of apple season. Lucky for us, however, it’s pretty much apple season all year round. Whether it’s New Zealand Braeburns or Minnesota Honeycrisps*, there’s always something delicious to choose from. So, in celebration of that dependable–and yummy–fruit, I decided to surf the waves for how-to’s using them in decor projects. Here are some of the best:

The mini apple vases, pictured above, are from Toildrop, and I love, love, LOVE them, especially paired up with the spider mums.  Continue Reading

How to Make Your Summer Vacation Memories Last Longer

Are you lamenting the end of summer vacation too? Memory jars are a sweet and lovely way to preserve those sun-filled memories we’ve amassed over the last few months. A PERFECT project for the kiddos before school starts but delightful for adults too. Can you imagine a shelf full of these each representing a different country? Anyhoo, Martha provides the how to for this one. 

DIY Idea: Perpetual Calendar/Memo Board


Such a clever idea this is! Six steel bars painted wikth punchy colors, numbered magnets, plus seven days of the week and twelve months combine to make a perpetual calendar, which also serves as a memo board. The magnet sheets can be found at any craft store. The bars look like they’d be in the wiring department of your big box home improvement store. And as for the words and numbers, your computer is probably all you’d need.  Continue Reading

July 4th Craft Roundup

The 4th of July is just days away, but we still have time to get our patriotic craft on. I scoured the internets for some Curbly-worthy projects and narrowed it down to these five.

The wreath pictured above, is the most ambitious of all the projects featured here, but it does have impact. See how to make it at All You. Via.

These festive straw decorations and matchbook labels are templates, which you can download for free at Twig & ThistleContinue Reading

A DIY Shower Curtain for Ruffle Lovers… Or Anyone!

created at: 05/24/2011

Shower Curtains are all-important when it comes to bathrooms.  I have to admit, I’ve been through 7 shower curtains in 5 years (and I have another one still in its packaging, waiting for its debut), and my husband thinks I’m crazy.  The problem is, I get antsy for new design quickly, and a new curtain is usually the easiest way to give the room a pick-me-up. 

What happens if you fall in love with a curtain design that is out of your price range?  Continue Reading

Roundup: 14 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas


Valentine’s Day may be only 4 days away, but you still have plenty of time to make something special for your favorite people. Here’s some quick and easy projects that you can whip up in no time!

Pictured above:  These patterned fortune cookie freebees from Celeste are a MUST download. 

Pictured below: A book of romantic poetry and Martha’s simple ‘heart’ bookmark could be a perfect pair.

Also from Martha are these ‘knot’ bracelets.

These lollipop Valentine’s couldn’t be easier to make, thanks to a download from Skip to My Lou. Continue Reading