How To Be More Creative In The New Year

How To Be More Creative In The New Year | By Faith Provencher for Curbly #creativity #art #resolutions
Photo: Bruce Mars

With the new year right around the corner, many of us are resolving to go to the gym more or to keep the house clean… but if you’re like me, being more creative is top on your list. And I’m here to tell you that it’s easier than it sounds – this is a resolution you can keep! Click through to check out my ten easy steps to living a more creative life in the new year.    Continue Reading

Don’t Succumb To Cabin Fever: 9 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

9 Ways To Boost Your Creativity
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The weather is really getting to people around here in Boston. Along with the rest of the city, I’ve been spending a lot of time at home because of all this snow. But that doesn’t mean we have to be bored… it’s the perfect opportunity to cultivate our creative skills. So whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newbie, you’re sure to find some inspiring tutorials and resources in our roundup.   


9 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

1. I have this book myself, and I love it. Continue Reading

Sixteen Recycled Handmade Gift Ideas

 created on: 11/10/08

  If you’re condsidering handmade gifts this holiday season, you most likely have some creative genes already in place.  For that reason, this is a quick “off the top of my head” list of found objects you could artistically and lovingly incorporate into your own sweet handmade offerings.  Feel free to expand this as the ideas start flowing. Don’t be tempted to buy used and re-give in the same condition.  Your family and friends will treasure the time, thought and your one-of-a-kind creativity that you invest in each gift transform. Continue Reading

How To: Make Recycled Inside Out Pillows

created on: 11/06/08 

My Recycled Inside Out Throw Pillow ensemble are handily made out of shirts, jackets or skirts that either button up the front or have a long zipper closure.  The beauty of this is that there’s no need to handstitch a pillow closed or insert a zipper or add buttons or buttonholes.  Look for modern patterns and stylish color combinations while shopping for “vintage” and I mean CHEAP used apparel that you can easily transform.  

The only requirement is that you can sew relatively straight lines and that you have some flair for choosing patterns and colors. Continue Reading

Teenage Mutant Sewing Turtles

created on: 06/21/08

Five Day Turbo Sewing Camp for teens just finished yesterday.  I say Turbo because they learned how to use the machine in two hours and spent four days (two hours each) sewing, jamming the machines, designing and giggling.  It was hard to keep them supplied with fabric.  Even though it was too short to teach them the perfect sewing skills, they got the feel of the machines and discovered they could create some sweet stuff on the sewing machine.    Continue Reading