Fall Style Guide: The Cutest and Coziest Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless Gloves
Source: Martha Stewart

When the air starts to crisp up, wearing layers is key to being comfortable.  Fingerless gloves can be a fun and practical addition to your fall wardrobe.  They add warmth, style, and keep your fingers free for devices and other dexterous tasks.  Read on for a roundup of DIY, buy, and up-cycled options.  You will want to get this kind of cozy into your life.        

knit pattern fingerless gloves
Source: Ravelry

1. Ravelry offers a free pattern for these knit onesContinue Reading

Make This: Simply Striped Baby Blanket

Make This: Crocheted Gender-Neutral Baby Blanket

This project is brought to you by the following joyous news: I'm going to be an aunt! I'm over-the-moon excited, and can't wait to meet my first little niece or nephew. That's right, I said niece OR nephew, and that's because the gender isn't known yet! I'm too excited to wait around to find out whether it's going to be a boy or a girl, and I wanted to get started crocheting a blanket ASAP. I made this gender-neutral baby blanket from a sweet sunflower yellow and cute mint green with alternating white.       Continue Reading

10 Cozy DIY Knitting & Crochet Home Decor Projects

10 Cozy DIY Knitting And Crochet Home Decor Projects

If you’re into fiber arts, then you’ll probably be as excited as I was to find these fun projects for your home. If you’re not so good at knitting or crocheting, WAIT! Some of these projects are super easy, and you can always look up the basic stitches on YouTube (that’s how I learn almost every new skill!). Keep reading to check out ten of my favorite yarn-based home decor projects.   


10 Cozy DIY Knitting And Crochet Home Decor Projects

1. These fun knitted poufs will add a pop of color to your space. Continue Reading

Roundup: How to Make 15+ Christmas Stockings for the Holidays

created at: 12/06/2011

Young, old, cat, dog, everybody enjoys a discovering a filled stocking on Christmas morning. The BEST stockings have always been and will ever be homemade. From machine sewn to no-sew, from knit to crochet, in this round up, we’ve amassed hundreds–yes hundreds–of stocking tutorials to help you make this Christmas joyful and bright!

To ease ourselves into things, we’re going to start with a super-simple  stocking-making video from Hobby craft

created at: 12/06/2011

Family Fun Go has some GREAT tutorials, including this Ice Skate Stocking,

and this Paw StockingContinue Reading

How to Turn a Pair of Jeans into a Bowl

created at: 12/02/2011

As soon as I’m done with my Christmas gift knitting, I’m definitely going to do this project. It starts with a pair of jeans or some other sturdy, denim-like pants like the ones pictured above. A few fancy moves with a scissors and a crochet hook later and we have ourselves a bowl. Don’t know how to crochet? Don’t worry. Visit Lion Brand to learn. And visit Kanelstrand for complete instructions on how to make the bowl itself.
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Two Crocheted Rose Pillow Patterns

Crocheted Rosette Pillow 014

You know those rose pillows that are hugely popular these days? The look really was made for re-creation in crochet as evidenced by these two lovely patterns. The first one (pictured above) comes to us from Two Girls Being Crafty. Their inspiration was a pillow they spied at Pier 1. I particularly like the addition of the gigantic button. 

The next one from Red Heart is a bit more refined, and, although it’s not quite as ruffly, it’s still every bit as rosy. Continue Reading

Crocheting Gone Wild: The Ultimate Yarn Bomb!

created at: 05/15/2011

In March, Brittany showcased some fantastic works of “yarn bombing”, where artists take to the streets armed with crochet needles, covering everything from tree trunks to subway seats.  Now, one artist takes this trend to a whole new level: covering her entire apartment, bathroom fixtures and all.  Creative, brilliant, or just plain nutty – you tell us!  


Check out more of artist Agata Oleksiak’s work on NYmag.com!

Uniquely Scandinavian: A Crocheted Stool Makeover

created at: 03/16/2011

I’ve never crocheted before in my life, but after seeing this charming stool I’ve got a serious desire to learn how!  


created at: 03/15/2011Kristin from Sweden shared this stool makeover on IKEA Hackers, but I’m wondering what else you could spruce up with a little crochet action… Any ideas?

created at: 03/15/2011

While you’re thinking about what else you could cover in yarn, let’s see what we’ll need to create this whimsical stool.


Kristin explains she first crocheted long tubes to cover the stool legs and then created the freeform birds.  Continue Reading