Yay or Nay: DIY Cross Stitch iPhone Case

created at: 09/06/2011

I had a good chuckle when I first spotted this “DIY” iPhone case.  It’s a little bit kitschy, a little bit genius, and a whole lot of random.  But what I really want to know is, what do you guys think?  


created at: 09/06/2011

created at: 09/06/2011

The NeoStitch case is one of the newest products from Korean design studio Connect Design.  Made of flexible, gridded plastic, it allows the user to create any cross stitch design their heart desires, adding a playful DIY element to a fairly utilitarian product.   Continue Reading

All The Young (Crafting) Dudes

created at: 2009-05-11

Image: Dudecraft

The fast moving clan of dude crafters may be seen as brave trailblazers in the current craft movement. However, few probably remember that Rosie Grier, a member of the original Fearsome Foursome of the Los Angeles Rams, was an avid hobbyist who focused his crafting passions on macrame and needlepoint, authoring Rosie Grier’s Needlpoint for Men in 1973. Over 35 years later there’s a new breed of dudes who are crafting and stitching and making waves in the otherwise girly craft blogosphere. Continue Reading

Turn Any Picture into a Cross-Stitch Pattern

I think more people would cross-stitch if it were called ‘pixelated thread art’, which, in 21st century parlance, is exactly what it is. A series of X’s made over woven cloth to create pictures and words. Sound familiar? Three centuries or so ago, young woman did counted cross stitch as a means to become proficient with a needle and thread as much as to learn their alphabet and numbers. Nowadays, the act of cross-stitching has less-weighty implications, but, for many, it’s still a beloved art form. Continue Reading

The Cross Stitch Table

If you thought cross stitch was all samplers and decorative pillows, take a look at this! The x-table from Reddish Studio is a fabulous combination of ‘materials, shapes and traditions.’ Basically, it’s a wooden table that has been drilled with a bunch of orderly little holes. The holes then serve as aida cloth, accepting colorful wool thread in a predetermined pattern. A DIY-able idea? Absolutely. Start from scratch, constructing a table of your own, OR a Goodwill re-do or Ikea hack just waiting to happen! Continue Reading