Kitchen Ideas for the Curbly House Project

Curbly House II - Kitchen Inspiration
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We’re making headway on the Curbly House and the next two weeks will bring about a big leap in the transformation we’ve been dreaming about. We spent much of the last week trying to finalize our choices for kitchen cabinetry, countertops, appliances, and fixtures. While the room reveal won’t be ready until later, I wanted to share a peek at what inspired the design.  

Inspiration for the kitchen remodel

Curbly House Kitchen Inspiration - Gray Island

Photo: Decor Chic


Curbly House Kitchen Inspiration - Gray Cabinetry

Photo: Domino


We loved the idea adding gray base cabinets to the kitchen island, while keeping the rest of the cabinetry white, but in the end decided to stick with one color. Continue Reading

More Progress at the Curbly House

Curbly House 2017 - Living room, before

Summer has ended, school has started, and we are racing towards the finish line on the Curbly House 2017 project. Here's a quick update on what's going on:         

Interior painting is (almost) complete

In what seemed like no time at all, the interior walls transformed from a boring beige-on-beige wall-and-trim combo, into something with a lot more contrast and style: 

Bedroom, before

bedroom, after

Maybe it's hard to tell from these quick snapshots, but by adding a fresh coat of white on all the trim (throughout the whole house), we were able to make the wall color pop (our trim color is Sherwin-Williams Pure White SW 7005). Continue Reading

Framing, Painting, and Holes in the Walls – Curbly House Update

Framing, Painting, and Holes in the Walls - Curbly House Update

Check out the progress at the Curbly House! Demolition is done, and framing is mostly complete. I've been working on a project in the basement, and painting is well under way in the rooms that aren't in need of any structural work. Here's a quick visual progress tour:


First up: kitchen demolition and framing

Framing, Painting, and Holes in the Walls - Curbly House Update

As a reminder: this is a before shot. The 'kitchen' was through the opening on the right, and this area was sort of wasted space in between the dining room (behind us) and the living room (front left). Continue Reading

Why the Curbly House?

I'm not sleeping all that well. I wake up in the night – the sound of thunder, my kids coughing, a truck going by – and when I try to go back to sleep, my thoughts run wild. Will the kitchen cabinets ship in time? How are we going to pay to move that ventilation duct we unexpectedly found? Why isn't that house down the block selling?

These are the sleepless thoughts of someone in the middle of a house flip. Continue Reading

Considering a Home Rehab? Ask These Seven Questions First

This is a guest post from Curbly House partner and real estate investor, Jon Peterson.

If you’re following along with our Curbly House project, you know we’ve just embarked on a pretty ambitious home rehab project. We spent months searching for the right property, and now it’s time for the fun stuff to begin (demo, construction, staging). 

Have you ever considered taking on a similar project? It can be a very rewarding experience; you get to take a home that’s in poor shape (often vacant), and add value through thoughtful improvements. Continue Reading

Destruction! (Just a Little) – Curbly House Week One

Well, folks, it's official! Jon* and I signed the closing papers last week, and we are now the proud owners of the new Curbly House! Now all we have to do is put in a new kitchen, renovate the bathrooms, add a new back door, replace the HVAC, finish the basement, improve the landscaping, and figure out how to get a parking space into the back yard! No biggie.

*Reminder: Jon's my partner on this project; he's a real estate investor with knack for DIY projects and a love of old houses in need of TLC.
Continue Reading

Classic-Modern Elegance: Design Inspiration for the Curbly House

Design Inspiration for the Curbly House 2017

Earlier this week we told you all about our new Curbly House makeover. A house we're so excited to take on, get to know, make beautiful, and then put on the market again (furnished and polished and perfect).  

More than just a flip

While this project is, by definition, a flip, I view it as a lot more than that. When we're finished with it, I want it to have a cohesive design and a story. Continue Reading

A Magical, Modern Bedroom for Our Growing Girl

Not so long ago – four years, to be exact – we moved into the Curbly House with one room complete. It was Ayla’s room, and it was dunzo, styled, and cozy because she was 3-years-old and going through the double-whammy transition of moving into a new house, and having a new baby brother (all in the span of 10 days!). 

Ayla's Room Before
Ayla’s Original Curbly House Room

Her room was adorable and comfortable, and she clocked hours of magical play inside of it. Continue Reading

Our Makeover: A Modern Boy’s Bedroom With A Dash of Adventure

Little Adventurer Boy's Room Makeover!

Yesterday, we told you all about our plans to make over our little boy's bedroom. Before we get to the big reveal, let's do a mini recap. 

We moved into the Curbly House when our son was two weeks old. Because we were insane people who purchased, gutted, moved into, and attempted to furnish and decorate a whole house with a brand new baby, his room was left looking fairly generic.

Curbly: Boy's Bedroom Makeover Before
A view of the nursery the day we closed on the house and the ceiling fell down.
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A Dingy Entryway Gets A Fresh Look

Curbly House Entryway Makeover: Before

If you checked out the Curbly House tour we posted last month, you might have though our house projects were all completed (we did use the words “It’s Finished!” in the title, after all). Alas; we must confess to some wishful thinking/titling. There’s still lots to do, and our side entryway was the worst offender:

This space never got finished during our remodel … until now!

The space is a little odd; it’s a landing between two flights of steps that lead from the mudroom to the basement, and it’s also where the exterior side door leads in. Continue Reading