Cute With a Lil’ Spook: DIY Mini Ghost Garland

Halloween ghost banner

Halloween is coming up quickly, and I don't know about you, but I'll be ready to start decorating soon. Usually when I get my home ready for Halloween, I tend to avoid the creepier, crawlier stuff and go straight for cute and classic. A few jack-o-lanterns, some fake cobwebs, and a ghost or two. Or, in this case, a whole string of them! The mini “boos” on this DIY Halloween banner are a cute and quick addition to a styled mantel or cart, or simply haunting on a wall or door.              Continue Reading

75 Kids’ Decor Ideas You Can Totally DIY

75 DIY Kids Decor Ideas You Can Totally Do!

Decorating a child's room is such a fun experience. You can go crazy with color, pick animated and adorable elements, and all the furniture is just so tiny. However, these small spaces do come with their own set of unique challenges. As kids grow and change, so do their interests and needs. If you're looking to save money, or are just looking for ways to add your own unique stamp to a room, why not do-it-yourself?  Continue Reading

4 Year Old Boy’s Christmas Wish: A Dual-Flush Toilet

Dustin Kruse isn’t your typical 4 year old boy. At least when it comes to his fascination with toilets. And what he asked Santa for Christmas.

Dustin begged his parents to take him to the Kohler Design Center in his hometown of Kohler, Wisconsin earlier this year. After spending 3 hours in the design center and accumulating a stack of product brochures, Dustin announced his wish for Christmas. He said he was going to ask Santa for a “full-flush half-flush toilet.” Continue Reading

How to Make a Lined Paper Tee

My apologies for this diversion from the regular Curbly diet, but I just HAD to post this Lined Paper Tee by Maybe Matilda, aka Rachel. For anyone who loves school supplies in general and paper specifically, it is a MUST make. Here’s what we need to make one, all of which we probably already have on hand!

  • a white tee or tank
  • masking tape
  • blue and red acrylic paint
  • fabric painting medium

Looks DARLING in a onesie version too! Continue Reading

Wee Twinkly Car Air Freshener


Considering how much time some people spend in their cars every day, it makes sense to bring a little Christmas cheer to your commute. The winking Wee Tree would do just that. Available through Perpetual Kid for $7.50*, we’re advised that it might not be legal in every locality, so they suggest we check with the authorities before we fire them up and hang them on our mirrors. 

*Not surprisingly, they’re out of stock right now, but Perpetual Kid has an email notification of availability feature.  Continue Reading

Pretty Pretty Paperclips!

I like having painty, mod-pogded hands with chipped fingernails and saw wielding calluses, they make me feel all curbly-ish and like I’ve been DOING stuff.  But girly? Not so much. BUT I reckon a pretty paper clip rose ring would make even my paws look dainty. 

created at: 2009-07-07

This slice of gorgeous was whipped up by Kerri of Cute Little Disaster, and all you need to make your own is:

  • six large red paperclips
  • one large green paper clip
  • and a pair of pliers.
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