Better Together: A Bold Vinyl Wall Decal and How to Apply It

Better Together Vinyl Wall Decal Application
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Earlier this week we shared some exciting news. We transformed our studio space into a bona fide retail shop! It's been a massive transformation, full of DIYs and clever hacks.

One of my favorite pieces was creating an accent wall featuring our favorite mantra: Better Together. This phrase has been a part of Niche since its inception, and we wanted to work it into the space in a meaningful way. Continue Reading

Roundup: 12 Unconventional Christmas Trees That Will Have You Re-Thinking The Fir

created at: 12/01/2010

As a tradition, my husband and I usually go on the day after Thanksgiving to pick out a tree with his family.  There’s a special lot that has our preferred species (Balsam Firs – I love how skinny and open they are, which is great for showcasing ornaments.  Take a peek at our tree from last year to see what I mean).  This year, though, we were out of town and to this day are still treeless, which is nearly blasphemous.  Continue Reading

FREE Decals Plus BONUS How-To

Cathe at Just Something I Made has made some beautiful decals, which she is offering the world for free. Did I say ‘some’? I should have said a TON because there’s a style for every style!

Cathe also shows us how to transform the images to real, honest to goodness labels. It’s pretty easy too, and only requires decal paper, some Krylon clear acrylic, a scissors and water. The only hard part about the project? Deciding which decal set to use! Continue Reading

3D Door Stickers

8 Cool and Creative 3D Door Stickers (8) 5

I am totally in love with these 3D door stickers from Couture Deco. The material is described as ‘trompe-l’oeil on opaque white fabric with satin finish.’ The stickers are washable, fire and UV resistant, and highly durable. You can adjust them to fit with a scissors and they’re applied with regular old wallpaper glue. My only problem with them is deciding which one to buy! See all the stickers ($279) available at Couture DecoPOST UPDATE: The retailer has LOWERED the price to $199!!! Continue Reading

Customize Your Ikea with Additik

Think of an Ikea Lack side table. Got a picture in your head? Now think of all the other people reading this that have the same picture in their heads. Simultaneously sharing a vision is cool, but the image’s unvarying nature could also be considered unremarkable. That’s where Additik comes in, for they add a little punch to those iconic Ikea pieces.

 a nutshell, Additik makes reposition-able decals for such Ikea staples as the Billy Byom bookcase, Expedit bookcases with drawer or door options, and, yes, Lack side tables, among others.  Continue Reading

The Tattooed House

The owners of this Victoria, Australia house
wanted their interior to be full of natural light, but they also didn’t want it to suffer the effects of relentless sunshine. Their designer, Andrew
Maynard Architects
, chose to stick very large tree-shaped tattoos (aka, decals) to their windows.
The window-cling diffuses light, casting delicate shadows that tone down the
rays and provide privacy for the upper floor. To view more images and read about the structure, visit Inhabitat. Continue Reading