Curtain Lengths: How Long Should Your Curtains Be?

Curtain lengths: How long should my curtains be?
Photo: Lidy Dipert

Is there a “right” option for curtain lengths? That depends on who you ask, and often just asking the question can leave you more confused than you were before. The long and short of it is (no pun intended): it's up to you. But we're here to help as you answer the question, “How long should curtains be?” We'll be taking a critical look at curtain lengths, tall and small. What side are you on?                Continue Reading

DECOR DISPUTES: What Do You REALLY Think of This Year’s Pantone Colors?

Pantone's 2016 Colors of the Year
Images: Pantone


Pantone did something radical for 2016. They picked TWO colors of the year: Rose Quartz (13-1520) and Serenity (15-3919). But that’s not all. They didn’t single them out as individual colors (as in either or) but both (as in blending). The colors, they say, create a balance of warm and cool tones and blur gender lines. They suggest that the emotions they invoke bring peace and order. That’s all well and good, but they are a far cry from recent Pantone Colors of the Year. Continue Reading

Decor Disputes: Are White Kitchens Becoming Passe Yet?

Photo: Consort Design

We threw out the “are white kitchens becoming passe” question three years ago. Now, three years later, they’re still going strong. (The two makeovers featured  in this post are recent additions to the Internet’s white kitchen collection.)

Photo: Consort Design

 As someone who scours blogs for such room makeovers, I’m getting a little less surprised by them. Honestly, what really surprises me these days is a kitchen that doesn’t end up white after its makeover.  Continue Reading

Roundup: Our All-Time Most Memorable Painted Furniture Makeovers (So Far!)

Over the years, we've seen countless furniture makeovers done with nothing but paint and a lot of creativity. Today we give you the ones that top our all-time most memorable list…for good and, yes, some for ill too, based upon the collective conscious of our  readers. Check them out and then chime in: are these painted furniture makeovers remembered for all the right reasons?

We're going to start out with Beth & Nick's buffet (kitchen cabinet base? Continue Reading

Decor Disputes: Why the Contemporary Hipster Aesthetic is Fundamentally Dishonest

To put a finer point on Alex’s term ‘Contemporary Hipster,’ think obsessions with upcycling, distressing, and plywood. Sound a little familiar? Yeah, it does to me too. Alex recently penned an essay using the term titled, “Why I Despise The Hipster Aesthetic.” As verbs go, despise is one of the weightier ones. Why all the animosity to a design movement that–let’s face it–is seeping into countless DIY websites? Because Alex says it’s “fundamentally dishonest.” Before  you start yelling at your computer/tablet/phone, you might want to read Alex’s essay in full, because he makes some compelling arguments. Continue Reading

Decor Disputes: Pantone v. Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year Smackdown!

We knew this was coming…. Pantone announced its color of the year just days after Sherwin-Williams unveiled their pick. We explored S-W’s choice, Coral Reef, earlier this week that included images that proved it lived up to its descriptors “versatile, carefree, and cheerful.” Now enter into the ring Pantone’s pick: Marsala. It’s described by Pantone as  earthy, nurturing, fulfilling, and hearty, just to name a few adjectives. Does it live up to them? This time, I’ll let you decide. Continue Reading

Coral Reef…The IT Color of 2015?

Whether we like it or not, 2015 is just around the corner. And Sherwin-Williams just jumped into the Color of the Year Game with…wait for it…Coral Reef. Before you judge the color, keep in mind S-W’s description of it, which includes adjectives such as versatile, carefree, and cheerful. Sounds lovely, right? Now let’s see how it looks  incorporated into interiors.

S-W says Coral Reef’s versatility stems from the fact that it can add life to any design aesthetic. Continue Reading

The NON-Reality of Reality TV Remodeling

Castle Building & Remodeling reminds us that the reality of remodeling on reality TV isn’t real. They decided to prove their assertion by filming an entire bathroom remodel and explaining the process and timeframe along the way. But before the fun begins, they remind us that the non-reality of realty TV remodeling begins with four important caveats:

  1. The products that go into such reality TV remodels are often provided for free, so even if they don’t fit with the style of the homes, tough.
Continue Reading

Decor Disputes: Would These 10 Design Trends Prevent You From Buying a Home? put together a roundup recently that addresses design trends that put potential buyers off. Intrigued? I was. They argue that ‘highly individualistic’ designs overwhelm the potential buyer’s sensibilities, preventing them from seeing themselves living in the home. Makes sense. Now let’s see  what they say those off-putting trends are.

1. Boldly painted walls. (Bold, whatever the color, is hard to cover. I get that.)

2. Wall paper. (Amen, brother. I hate that crap.)

3. Lavish light fixtures. Continue Reading

Decor Disputes: Is Dip-Dying (And 9 Other DIY Trends) REALLY Past Its Prime?

Has dip-dying overstayed its welcome? Yes, according to Elle Decor. They say its meteoric rise in popularity has put it firmly on the ‘cliche’ list. If you DO want to do the dip, they suggest keeping the subjects small, like bowls and wooden spoons. (Although they laud the project pictured above as having been ‘done properly.’) The other 9 DIY  has-beens include:

1. Instructional signs. You know, placing an ‘EAT’ sign in the kitchen? Yeah, over, because, according to Elle Decor, we actually know what to do in which rooms in our homes. Continue Reading