How To: Fancy Towel Folding

created at: 09/27/2011

What a clever and inviting way to add a little style to a guest bathroom. And did I mention it’s FREE? Basically, the idea is folding one of our existing hand towels to construct an attached pocket, then fill the pocket with, well, whatever you want. A sprig of greenery, fancy little soaps and packets of toiletries or–my favorite–a ruched face cloth. We can find folding directions over at The Red Chair Blog. 

How To: Make Paint Chip Orbs

created at: 10/28/2010

ReadyMade shares a great video showing us how to make colorful, decorative orbs out of paint chips. They’d be great in holiday colors too. Maybe a collection of golds, greens and reds for Christmas and blues and whites for Hanukkah. Making them is simple enough. Supplies include….

  • a big circle punch (the bigger the punch, the larger the orb
  • glue stick
  • ruler
  • x-acto knife
  • cutting surface
  • scrap cardboard for triangle template

Check out this video to see how to put it all together! Continue Reading

Storing in Style: A Guide to Decorative Organization.

Though (at least before October) it doesn’t seem quite true that “modern living spaces are getting smaller and smaller with each passing day,” there’s absolutely nothing wrong with attractive and appealing means of stocking your goods.


“Modern designing is becoming an art that finds the fine balance between
style, aesthetic joy and utility. And the most important factor that
will save you space, is making sure that you get rid of the clutter, in
a wise and daft manner.” Continue Reading

DIY Snow Globes

Readymade has a fast and so-easy-a-kid-could-do-it tutorial showing us how to make our own custom snow globes. Start with a recycled glass jar–they suggest using a Grey Poupon empty–then use epoxy or glue that won’t dissolve in water to attach figures to the underside of its lid. Fill the jar with water and a couple of pinches of glitter. When the glue has fully dried, replace the lid and make it leak-proof by applying a bead of glue or epoxy around the seal. Continue Reading

Growing a Pumpkin Tree

This is one of those ‘who knew?’ deals. A bush-sized tree that grows mini pumpkins. According to Gardeners’ Choice, the plant, capsicum annum, grows to the size of a pepper plant yielding ‘beautiful orange-red fruits’ that ripen all at the same time.’ You can expect your pumpkin tree to be ready to harvest in two months, producing up to 50 pumpkins that are ‘4 inches wide with pronounced ribs.’ How cute would this be in a pot on the patio or deck next year? Continue Reading

Curbly Video Podcast: How to Turn a Take-Away Container into a Decorative Storage Box

created on: 06/06/08

Tarting up a take-away container with paper is a fun, fast and easy project. They make beautiful gift boxes, but equally pretty storage boxes as well!

The supplies you’ll need:

A clean takeaway container (to forego the lingering scent of vegetable lo-mein, you can buy new takeaway containers at your local craft store for about a dollar.)
Decorative paper
Spray adhesive
Craft knife
2 metal brads
One large needle
A cutting mat and scissors
And newspaper


What you’ll do:

  1. Remove the container’s handle.
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