You’re Never Too Old to Make a Flower Press

Make this DIY flower press from wood and bolts

I received my first flower press when I turned nine years old – maybe eight? The point is it was forever ago. I got it as a birthday gift from my best friend. The flower press came with a small instructional booklet on how to collect and preserve colorful wildflowers. On the front of the press was an illustration of Anne of Green Gables, happily picking florals and putting them into a giant basket. I still have that flower press, all these years later, with flowers wedged between the pages that are as old as the press itself. Continue Reading

Make It: Hip Chevron Decoupage Pumpkins!

created at: 09/29/2011

Sure, we’ve decoupaged desks, trays, even ceilings… but pumpkins??  That’s just crazy talk! Or is it?  Hmm…  


After looking at these super stylish chevron pumpkins, I kinda have the itch to bust out some mod podge and just start decoupaging everything: my laptop, the dog, maybe even the car.  For now, though, I’ll reign it in and settle for these crazy cool, non-traditional Halloween pumpkins.  Sigh… the dog would look good in chevron.   Continue Reading

Make a John Derian-Inspired Decoupage Tray

created at: 08/20/2011

I remember the first time I saw John Derian’s gorgeous decoupage work. I also remember the sticker shock a look at the price caused. Yikes! Lucky for me, it’s not all that difficult to create your own glasswork with that Derian-inspired look.  

created at: 08/20/2011

All you’ll need for your own tray (although this DIY translate well to many plain glass pieces) is a glass tray, a printout of the image you wish to decoupage, and ModPodge. Graphics Fairy has a great selection of images you can use if you don’t want to design your own. Continue Reading

Before & After: How To Create a Wallpaper Patchwork Desk

created at: 01/06/2011

Today we’ve got a “before & after” and a “how-to” all rolled into one.  I hope you’re ready!  Let’s see how this 10-year-old Ikea desk gets transformed with some paint, fabric, and a bit of wallpaper.  

created at: 01/06/2011

Belinda Graham, of the fabulous blog The Happy Home, turned her tired old Ikea desk into something spectacular with a few basic materials and a lot of love.  After cleaning it up and slapping on a few coats of bright white paint, Belinda created a fabric curtain to hide the harddrive.  Continue Reading

Gift Wrapped Switch Plates

created at: 12/02/2010

created at: 12/06/2010

A couple dec’d (as in decoupaged!) wrapped switch plates would be great little somethings for dads and grandfathers this Christmas. Installed at the front and back doors and in guest rooms, they’re a lovely greeting for holiday company. And best of all…they’re super fast and easy to make!

Here’s the ingredients you’ll need to whip ’em up:

  • light switch covers, old icky ones work great for this
  • mod podge, matte finish
  • scissors
  • craft knife
  • sponge brush
  • cutting mat
  • small paint brush
  • Christmas paper, wrapping or scrap-booking
  • 3/8″ grosgrain ribbon
  • hot glue and gun

Step 1:

created at: 12/06/2010

Decoupage the light switches with the paper following this EXCELLENT tutorial on the Tube. Continue Reading

Pottery Barn Inspired Typeface Canister Knock-Off

created at: 07/07/2010

Last week I was perusing Pottery Barn when I spotted an ‘etc.’ Typeface Canister for the bath. I picked it up, checked the price–on sale for about 9 bucks–and put it into my shopping basket. As I continued to ogle PB’s inventory, it occurred to me that my bathrooms have tile floors. One bump and this canister was going to turn the place into a Greek restaurant. Sadly, I returned the canisterto its spot and went on my way. Continue Reading

How to Decoupage a Notebook

created at: 2009-06-26

Grave Violet makes those inexpensive composition notebooks look like a million bucks! She assures us it’s very easy to do, which makes it ever better.

created at: 2009-06-26

To make one we’ll need the following:

  • Mod Podge
  • scissors
  • a butterfly clip
  • sponge brush
  • decorative paper
  • decorative brad, eyelet and a small length of elastic (this is optional, but it really is the cherry on top of the project!)

To see how to put it all together, follow this jump.  Continue Reading

Curbly Video: Using Paper Napkins to Make Decorative Tile Coasters

With the help of some 4″ square ceramic tiles, turning decorative paper napkins into a set of very polished-looking coasters is easy.

created on: 02/16/09

To make a set of 4 coasters, you’ll need:

  • 4-4″ square ceramic tiles (you can find these at your big box store for about 15 cents a piece)
  • Mod Podge 
  • small paint brush
  • polyurethane (I used Aqua-Zar in satin, but glossy would look great too)
  • decorative paper napkins
  • Squares of thin cork or felt, both available at your local craft store
  • Water-proof glue, like E-6000
  • A foam or stiff bristle brush to apply the water-proof glue

 First, brush the tile tops and their edges with a coat of Mod Podge. Continue Reading

Sixteen Recycled Handmade Gift Ideas

 created on: 11/10/08

  If you’re condsidering handmade gifts this holiday season, you most likely have some creative genes already in place.  For that reason, this is a quick “off the top of my head” list of found objects you could artistically and lovingly incorporate into your own sweet handmade offerings.  Feel free to expand this as the ideas start flowing. Don’t be tempted to buy used and re-give in the same condition.  Your family and friends will treasure the time, thought and your one-of-a-kind creativity that you invest in each gift transform. Continue Reading