Tool School: Meet the Rigid MEGAMax Interchangeable Tool System

Tool School: Rigid MEGAMax
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The  Rigid MEGAMax is a hulking monster-tool. It's the Optimus Prime of home improvement. If they ever make a movie about power tools coming to life and taking over the world, forcing us DIYers to labor at the thankless tasks they've plied for so long, well, then this tool will be their leader. 

The MEGAMax is a really powerful interchangeable tool system just introduced by RIGID. The Powerbase includes an 18V brushless motor and can automatically identify which tool head you've attached (and adjust battery/motor output accordingly). Continue Reading

The Right Way to Remove an Interior Wall

One of the great joys of any remodeling project is when you get to take down a wall. Not only do you get to swing a hammer, wield a reciprocating saw, and create an impressive mess, but when you're done, you've opened up a room and created a brand new space that wasn't there before. It's a little intimidating to make structural changes to your house, so here's a quick primer on how to make sure you do it safely. Continue Reading

Framing, Painting, and Holes in the Walls – Curbly House Update

Framing, Painting, and Holes in the Walls - Curbly House Update

Check out the progress at the Curbly House! Demolition is done, and framing is mostly complete. I've been working on a project in the basement, and painting is well under way in the rooms that aren't in need of any structural work. Here's a quick visual progress tour:


First up: kitchen demolition and framing

Framing, Painting, and Holes in the Walls - Curbly House Update

As a reminder: this is a before shot. The 'kitchen' was through the opening on the right, and this area was sort of wasted space in between the dining room (behind us) and the living room (front left). Continue Reading

Destruction! (Just a Little) – Curbly House Week One

Well, folks, it's official! Jon* and I signed the closing papers last week, and we are now the proud owners of the new Curbly House! Now all we have to do is put in a new kitchen, renovate the bathrooms, add a new back door, replace the HVAC, finish the basement, improve the landscaping, and figure out how to get a parking space into the back yard! No biggie.

*Reminder: Jon's my partner on this project; he's a real estate investor with knack for DIY projects and a love of old houses in need of TLC.
Continue Reading

Removing Debris in a Tight Spot with the Bagster Bag

The Bagster is a simple alternative to rigid construction waste containers. It's perfect if you're doing a small remodel, or just don't have space for a large Dumpster. 

Construction debris removal with Bagster portable dumpster bag

As you might have seen yesterday, our Curbly House project is starting to generate a lot of construction debris. We're ripping out all the ceilings throughout the house, so we're ending up with generous portions of ceiling tiles, plaster, lathe, and even a few deceased rodents.

But in the case of the Curbly House, getting that stuff hauled away isn't so simple; there's no garage at the house – and thus, no driveway – in which to set a Dumpster. Continue Reading

Week 4 Journal: Bye Bye Bathtub (and Chimney Too)

Our Bathroom
The Curbly House
bathroom looked decent, by all accounts, and except for being a bit on the small side, functioned just fine. So I was actually prepared to leave it pretty much as-was, maybe with a few fixture replacements, some new tile, and paint. But what we found when we took out the first floor ceilings underneath the bathroom made that impossible. Read on to find out how we gutted the bathroom, and watch an awesome/scary video (depending on your point of view). Continue Reading

Week 3 Journal: Demolishing the Bedroom Ceilings (VIDEO)

The Curbly House: Week Three Journal (VIDEO)The first week of demolition on the Curbly House went so smoothly, you kind of had to expect things would get worse in week two. And worse they did get. Read on to watch my weekly video journal and learn how not to take apart a ceiling.

As you (may) know, we’re remodeling our hundred-year-old Dutch Colonial in hopes of getting it ready for us to move in this summer with our new baby (due mid July!). Continue Reading

Week 2 Journal: Ripping Out the First Floor Ceilings

Always wear your respirator, Luke!This week we really got into it on the Curbly House. We turned a pretty normal looking old house into a mostly gutted mess in just a few days, and loved every minute of it (well … except the rats). Read on to watch my week two video journal, and find out all the details.



Ok, if you’re just joining us, check out last week’s video journal, and Alicia’s introduction and house tour first so you get an idea of what we’re up to.  Continue Reading

Smartest Bathroom Makeover Ever

Marla and Colin’s small full bathroom had issues. Besides only having one sink, the floor slanted which resulted in tub water not draining, the lighting was bad and the drop down ceiling made things a little “close”. They (wisely) took a year to save and plan. Here’s how the project played out.First, the fun part: Demo.

Extra space was revealed when the ceiling came down.

What can’t you do with a Sawzall?



Since they planned and saved ahead of time, they were able to purchase items on sale and with coupons. Continue Reading

Ready to Commit: Busting Up Your Ugly Ceramic Floor Tile

created at: 06/07/2010

You may remember a post I did here on Curbly about painting the mauve ceramic tiles in our front hall. I stand by that project. However, painting the ceramic tiles in our master bathroom doesn’t strike me as wise way to do away with that look.  Every single day I stare at the tortoise shell colored tiles and wonder how much I’d regret getting started on this project. Once I start, the tiles continue into the closet, up a step, and across the floor of a sitting area we’ve covered with carpet. Continue Reading