The Digital Domino Clock

Carbon's Domino Clock

Have you ever noticed that every number on a clock is represented in a set of dominos? I didn’t make the connection until spying this unbelievably cool Domino Clock from Carbon Design Group. The only one in existence right now is in their new studio, but a plan seems to be in the works to bring The Domino Clock to the masses. I do hope so, because I want one bad. Check out the vid below to see how it works:

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6 MORE Ways to Use Your Digital Camera for DIY

Last week I posted 6 ways to use your digital camera for DIY, however, if you include the GREAT TIPS in the comments section of the post, it was more like 12 ways. With such a wonderful response, I thought I’d add a few more ways I use my digi for DIY. 

1. You can get some wonderful design ideas from public spaces such as hotels, restaurants and, yes, even bars, where proprietors are used to camera flashes. Continue Reading

6 Ways to Use Your Digital Camera for DIY

created on: 01/07/09

Anecdote: When MWT and I first started dating, I assisted him in changing the brakes on one of his old beaters. I’ve forgotten which one. It could have been ‘Herb’, the 1964 Chevelle handed down from his grandfather, or the ’76 Nova that he bought from his family’s barber, or the rusty/orange GMC 10 pickup of an unknown year affectionately referred to as ‘The Unit’. Whichever it was, when the tire was off and the parts were scattered across the garage floor, we realized we didn’t pay close enough attention to how we dismantled the thing. Continue Reading

How to: Photograph Holiday Light Displays

On Friday, I’m headed to the infamous Dyker Heights Light Display in Brooklyn, and will be taking my new Nikon D90 in tow.

But, no matter how carried away these holidaysters get – one Clark Griswold-disciple reportedly pays more than $5,000 in electricity each season – there’s still a whole lotta black, and very little light, making for some tough shutterbugging.

Thankfully, plenty of master photographers have already thought through the techniques to best capture nighttime light displays. Continue Reading

Make Your Own Pixelated Portrait from Paint Chips.

Earlier this month, Apartment Therapy Chicago featured a home with a pixelated portrait of Lincoln, which the owners created “by pixelating a photo and boiling it down to 9 shades of gray (both done in Photoshop). [Then they] built the canvas, gridded it off in 2 inch squares, and mixed the different shades of paint. At that point it basically became a paint by number.”


Then, some clever AT reader took the approach, and recreated the aesthetic with square paint samples from Benjamin Moore. Continue Reading

8 Ways to Get Organized in 5 Minutes.

You know all those little things that you see need done, but whiz by simply don’t have the time to accomplish them?

Unfortunately, they actually make your life slower and less productive, which is something for which we definately don’t have time. Dumb Little Man states, “If we don’t know what we’ve got, where it is, and how to find it, we run into serious problems, lowered productivity and raised stress levels.” So, check out their eight tips to get yourself organized in no time. Continue Reading

How to make moving pictures, Harry Potter style!


Have you heard? The latest Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince, opens today, and Photojojo is celebrating in the most magical way. They show us how to make moving pictures, just like in The Daily Prophet. For you Muggles, that’s the newspaper that serves as the vehicle for the Minestry of Magic to disseminate its agenda, which should not be confused with The Quibbler, the wizarding world’s equivalent of The National Enquirer, which actually reports a factual story now and then. Continue Reading

Intro to Digital Photography: Week 2 (Messing round with f-stops)

created on: 01/14/09

First, an update. Okay, so after being totally intimidated last week, I decided to do some research  and take the plunge. Ultimately, this review prompted me to settle on the Canon G10, which has become my Red Rider B-B gun of sorts. I would have slept with it the first night after I brought it home if I knew I wouldn’t roll over and break it. But I digress.

This week in class we focused on being out of focus. Continue Reading

How To Make a Macro Photography Focusing Rail.

More and more digital point-and-shoot cameras are coming with digital macro features, and close-up lenses for digital SLR cameras have become plenty affordable. When working with such a process, the distance between the lense and the object is essential for proper focus and clarity. Photographer Ken Stewart states, “I found myself wanting a macro focusing rail so I could smoothly and precisely vary the distance between my camera and the subject to get the focus right. Continue Reading