Ding Dong Decor

If you’ve ever been in the market for a door bell button, you know that the selection out there is pretty limited. Generally they’re uninspired donuts or rectangular apparatuses with as much personality as oatmeal. For those of us looking for a bit more delectable ding dong, check out Rejuvenation’s selection of vintage door bell buttons. ($48-58) The best thing about them? They're annotated.


Possibly the Coolest Doorbell EVER

Doorbells, the parts that make the ding-dongs anyway, are notoriously goofy. Boxes that hang onto the wall much like Toad. And the mundane ‘ding-dong’ itself? The basic tone hasn’t changed in years. Until now, that is. Check out Peter Van Der Jagt’s absolutely fabulous ‘Bottoms Up’ Doorbell. When your guests press the outdoor button, inside their arrival is announced by a toast. How cool is that?! At $151, it’s kinda spendy, but I’m thinking it might be DIY-able. Continue Reading