36 Dorm Room “Before and Afters” That’ll Totally Inspire You

Before and After: Dorm room decor ideas
Styling: Emily Henderson; Photo: Sara Tramp

If you've been to any big box store lately, you know it's back to school season! The college merch is on the shelves, organization supplies are on sale, and dorm decor is abundant. Dorm rooms are among the most difficult rooms to decorate, and a cute dorm room is like a unicorn: rare and magical. But, good dorm room decor ideas do exist! Check out these 36 inspiring before and after snapshots of some seriously cute dorm rooms.               Continue Reading

Go Back to School with a Dip-Dyed Ombre Laundry Bag

Go Back to School with a Dip-Dyed Ombre Laundry Bag

'Tis the season for going back to school, and that means all of you dorm dwellers will be back to putting off laundry (I know I do!) and carting it all to the laundry room at the last minute. In order to make carrying your laundry as easy as possible, make a simple dip-dyed ombre laundry bag that's as stylish as it is functional! 


Go Back to School with a Dip-Dyed Ombre Laundry Bag

These extra large canvas laundry bags are the perfect material for easy dying in your favorite color – in this case, petal pink. Continue Reading

Roundup: 8 Houseplants Even College Students Can Keep Alive

8 dorm room plants feature image


White cinder block walls. Or worse yet, beige cinder block walls. These are the things of which typical dorm rooms are made. And although they’re often cave-like, there’s nothing natural about them. To add a bit of much needed life and color plants are the perfect option. And…not only do they provide companionship (seriously), if you  care for them, they’ll take care of you in return by cleaning the air. Of course taking care of them is the tricky bit, especially if you’re a college student with a busy schedule and have a dorm room with less than optimal natural light. Continue Reading

Roundup: 8 Unbelievable Dorm Room Makeovers

Dorm Room Makeovers feature image


It’s almost time. Back to school, or college as the case may be. You can tell by the scent of #2 pencils in the air and Bed Bath & Beyond ads for dorm room doo-dads. It’s no wonder BB & B and Target and such push dorm room decor this time of year. Back in 2012, the National Retail Federation estimated that dorm room  decor was a $50 billion a year industry. That breaks down to $907.22 Continue Reading

Shopping Guide: Three Dorm Designs To Steal This Semester

Shopping Guide: Three Dorm room Designs to Steal This Semester

The fall semester is about to begin and Curbly has you covered. Here are three stylish and shoppable designs that you can steal for your dorm.

Dorm Room Design #1

Shopping Guide: Three Dorm room Designs to Steal This Semester
Pin & Shop This Dorm Room Design from Ikea & World Market

The above moodboard is a combo from World Market and Ikea.

If there was ever a one stop shop for college, Ikea is your store. There is no better store for storage items which is what you need the most for your home away from home. Continue Reading

Roundup: Five Fabulous Dorm Room Makeovers

created at: 08/01/2012
It occurred to me this morning that we’ve never had a dorm room makeover roundup here on Curbly. Heck, I’m not sure we’ve even had ONE before and after of a dorm room. Perhaps it’s so as finding good examples is rather difficult. (Students too busy or too broke, I suppose.) Because of this, these makeovers (actually, they’re more like moving in with style) span several years. No matter what their age, they’re still fabulous! 

One thing a drab dorm room has going for it is it’s a blank palette, right? Continue Reading

Dorm Room Living: 3 Little Essentials That Can Make a Big Difference

The internets are replete with dorm decor ideas this time of year. Although they all offer great ideas, a lot of them just aren’t practical. Some might take more time to construct than you’d like; others might take up too much packing space. Some might not even suit your dorm room once you get  there. So, in this dorm room decor roundup, we’ve gathered a variety of ingenious ideas that utilize our three little essentials. 

First on our essential list is 3M Command Hooks. Continue Reading