A Room-by-Room Guide for Lightening Your Material Load (With Printable Checklist!)

A Room-by-Room Guide for Lightening Your Material Load

The spring cleaning bug has bitten me. Hard. Which is right on schedule for this time of year. After winter has long lost its charm, that's when I usually start itching to “switch things up” in my house. This usually includes throwing away or thinning out a good number of my material possessions. When it's so muddy and dark outdoors, feels like a fresh breath indoors, ya know? Rather than get overwhelmed at the notion of downsizing your entire house, I find it's nicer to stick to a list. Continue Reading

Closets Turned Home Offices

created at: 08/03/2011

Closets turned home offices are not a new subject around here, but I spotted some at Downsize My Space that need a second glance. Especially the one pictured above. The closet acts as a credenza of sorts, and the disco ball, well that’s just delightful.

This one is pretty fab too. Every bit of space is used and the addition of a mirror really opens–and brightens–up that teeny space. Plus you can see if anyone is sneaking up on you from behind. Continue Reading