What Should You Do This Month? Throw a Backyard Solstice Party to Celebrate the Start of Summer

Backyard Solstice Party

While many Americans think that summer starts on Memorial Day, it officially begins on summer solstice, usually June 21 in the Northern hemisphere. The longest day of the year seems like the ideal excuse for a party, so here are some ideas for a backyard celebration of midsummer. And if you don’t get around to throwing a summer solstice party, there’s no expiration date on these outdoor party ideas!                

 For these summer solstice party ideas, I wanted to spotlight some of the things that are better in summer than any other part of the year. Continue Reading

How-To: Easy DIY Backyard Drink Holder

How-To: Easy DIY Backyard Drink Holder
Photo: Faith Towers

It’s probably happened to you before… you try to balance your drink on a wonky area of grass, and it spills all over the lawn. What a waste of a perfectly good beverage! So today I’m sharing an easy project that will prevent this from happening ever again – a backyard drink holder that will help you hold your drinks in style.   


How-To: Easy DIY Backyard Drink Holder
Photo: Faith Towers

Voilà, no more spilled drink tragedies! And you can customize these completely to your needs. Continue Reading

Roundup: 10 Delicious, Drool-Worthy Fall Cocktails

10 Delicious Fall Cocktail Recipes

A crisp fall afternoon picking apples calls for a delicious apple cocktail to warm you up in the evening. Or if apples aren’t your thing, try a fig drink. Or maybe add some maple syrup to sweeten things up. Here are ten absolutely delicious drinks that will keep you warm on those chilly October nights.   


10 Delicious Fall Cocktail Recipes

1. This first pick is almost too pretty to drink… head over to Jack & A Jigger to get the recipe for The Figaro. Continue Reading

Giveaway: Win a SodaStream Fountain Jet Starter Kit ($100+ Value)

It’s Kitchen Month on Curbly; and we think the kitchen is the do-it-yourself-iest room in the house. Yeah, it’s easier to purchase packaged, pre-made, preservativeful foods, but it’s also pricier and worse for your health. And nothing beats the taste of home-made.

created at: 08/22/2011

Soda (pop, for you midwesterners) is no exception; you can make your own awesome-tasting soda and save money doing it! To help you, we’ve teamed up with SodaStream to give away one of their “Fountain Jet Soda Lover’s Starter Kits“, so you can start whipping up your own soda pops and sparkling waters at home.   Continue Reading

Make It: Summer-Worthy Citrus Coasters!

created at: 06/27/2011

Nothing says ‘summer’ more than a giant glass of ice-cold lemonade!  Capture that feeling now (and all year) with these citrus-inspired felt coasters!  

The always clever, always crafty folks at The Purl Bee (Remember these pretty napkins? Or those charming Easter egg totes?) came up with this cute and easy DIY coaster project that will have you dreaming of summer even in the throes of winter!  To get started, gather your supplies:

  • 5 8×12″ sheets of various citrus colored felt
  • 2-3 8×12″ sheets of white felt
  • embroidery thread to match your felt
  • scissors
  • citrus coaster template (available for free download from The Purl Bee)

Once you’re ready to get crafty with some coasters, head on over to The Purl Bee to download the free template and see step-by-step instructions! Continue Reading

Build a Mad Men Bar with Vintage Cocktail Ware and Classic Recipes

created at: 10/26/2010

If all of this talk of fall entertaining drives you to drink, never fear, that’s all you really need to be a great host. Building a stylish & chic bar can be your biggest asset during the cold and cozy seasons. Nothing welcomes someone into your home more than a freshly-poured drink on the rocks in a classic highball glass.

created at: 10/26/2010

I’ve assembled most of our barware from Etsy. Vintage highballs, drinks carts and ice buckets that would fit nicely in Don Draper’s office create an air of elegance we’re sorely missing these days. Continue Reading

How To Make Olive Penguins.

Try floating one of these in your next Ultimate Arctic Martini.


From Serious Eats: “These are probably meant for six-year olds, but they still provide me with gobs of joy. All you need is a black olive (for the penguin head), a bigger one (for the bulbous bod), a little carrot medallion (with a triangle sliced out for the beak), and a mozzarella ball (or cream cheese works). Extra credit if you can make them an edible igloo. Continue Reading

Ten Alternative Uses for Used Tea Bags.

tea bag

Once you’ve given your tea bag a dunk, you could head right to the compost bin. OR, you can give it a second chance with one these alternative options for steeped tea bags.

  • Soothe Tired or Injured Eyes
  • Flavor Your Meat
  • Make “Less Sinful” Drinks
  • Around-The-House Cleaner
  • Remove Warts
  • Deodorize Your Place
  •  Give Oral Relief
  • Sunburn And Acne Solution
  • Fertilize Your Plants
  • Show Your Artistic Side


Check ’em out here.


How to Make Easy Cherry Syrup and a Sparkling Cherry Cooler

created at: 2009-08-15

So, on Saturday, I went to pick up my weekly CSA harvest, and the wonderful young lady pointed to an enormous box of bing cherries, and said, “Also, you’re welcome to take as many of those as you want, but they’re super ripe, so they gotta be used today.”

“Really?” I said, as I grabbed a produce bag.

“Yeah. Take the whole box if you want…”

Well, I DID want, so I took the box, and realized, as I popped my third into my mouth on the walk home, that I, indeed, did need to use them all that day. Continue Reading