Do This: Make Cookie Cutter Ice Cubes!

Make These: Holiday cocktail ice cubes!

Sometimes I’ll have an idea in my head for something I want to try, and that idea will just never leave. It was last Christmas that I wondered to myself, “Can one make ice cubes in cookie cutters??” The previous holiday season got busy fast, so I never got around to testing that hypothesis out. This go round, as I dusted off my holiday cookie cutters, I decided it was time. I tested my theory. Continue Reading

Double Duty! Make Simple Straw Place Cards

We're heading into the season of holiday entertaining, which happens to be my favorite time of year. Having groups of people over is a lot of fun but a lot of work, and especially with Thanksgiving and other dinner parties, you have to keep track of who is sitting where. That means you need place cards, but how much better would it be if those place cards served more than one purpose? These simple DIY straw place cards mark your drink as well as your seat, and you can still sip from your straw easily.  Continue Reading

How to: Make DIY Pumpkin Cups and Mugs for Tasty Fall Beverages

I’ll admit it: I don’t really like carving pumpkins. I always have grand plans, but by the time you head to the patch, select just the right one, gorge on popcorn balls, look for the carving tools, spread the newspaper, and begin the epic cleanout process…I’m kinda over it.     But I love pumpkins, so I wanted to find a much easier and practical way to use them in my home this fall. You know, like drinking a tasty fall cocktail out of them 🙂

These make a great project for kids and adults, depending on your beverage of choice, and you can whip up a full set in no time. Continue Reading

How To: Make Your Own Homemade Extracts — Plus Free Printable Labels!

Lemon, cinnamon, grapefruit — how delicious do these homemade extracts sound?? Turns out, they’re pretty easy to make!       

The folks at Spoon Fork Bacon have shared recipes for making cinnamon, vanilla, orange, lemon, and grapefruit extracts. Plus, they’ve even included free downloadable labels and some inspiring packaging ideas for turning your homemade extracts into great holiday gifts! Check it out!

Homemade Extracts DIY by Spoon Fork Bacon

20+ Spooky Halloween Cocktail and Punch Recipes

Put the “boo” in booze this Halloween and give your party goers something to scream about with these spooky cocktail and punch recipes! We’ve rounded up 22 of our faves — check ’em out below!       

1. The Itsy Bitsy

2. Bubbling Chemist Cocktail

3. Vampire Blues

4. Dracula’s Kiss

5. Creepy Cocktail

6. Brain Hemorrhage Shot

7. Candy Corn Cocktail

8. Vampire Punch

9. Devil Went Down to Georgia

10. Pumpkin Punch with Cinnamon-Infused Rum

11. Continue Reading

Curbly Shopping Guide: 15 Summer Entertaining Essentials

It’s BBQ season, y’all! Gather your friends and family and make the most of the warm summer nights. With these outdoor entertaining essentials from Fab — the go-to online destination for amazing, curated modern design goodies — your summer soirées will go off without a hitch!      

1. Foldable BBQ Box

2. Glenny Outdoor Chair Set

3. Intaglio Highball Set

4. Bar Tools Set

5. Slice and Serve Set

6. Steel Grill Tool Set

7. Regional BBQ Sauce Collection

8. Continue Reading

Roundup: 20 Festive Fourth of July DIY Ideas

Independence Day is fast approaching, but there’s still time to make some fun fourth of July inspired crafts. Whether you’re hosting a big bash or just celebrating at home with family and friends, adding some red, white and blue will surely lend a festive feel to your day!    


1. Make a fun crepe paper wind sock using these easy instructions. [Photo: Multiples and More]

2. Try your hand at a red, white and blue star banner. Continue Reading

Father’s Day Roundup: 25 Awesome DIY Gifts to Make for Dad!

Father’s Day is right around the corner (June 16th, mark your calendars!). If you’re planning on making your old man a gift this year, here are 25 DIY gift ideas that are sure to make the occasion a memorable one!      

1. DIY Silhouette Art

2. DIY Typographic Clay Containers

3. Homemade Flavor-infused Vodka

4. DIY Tree Branch iPod Dock

5. DIY Bar Bottles: Hooch, Moonshine, Booze

6. DIY Swiss Army Key Ring

7. Homemade Maple-Bacon Marshmallows

8. Continue Reading

How to Make Your Own Boba & Bubble Tea!

created at: 08/26/2012

My friend Megan first introduced me to boba/bubble tea a few years ago during an impromptu visit to New York. (Her enthusiasm for this Taiwanese drink was unmatched and I’ve associated it with her ever since!) If you have a similar love for this tapioca-infused drink, take note: making it at home is super easy!    


created at: 08/26/2012

The “pearls” in bubble tea are just giant tapioca balls called “boba”. Making this treat at home basically involves cooking the boba and brewing tea. Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Painted Confetti Tumblers

created at: 06/27/2012

I’m always looking for clever ways to turn thrift store glassware into something fantastic, so when I spotted these DIY Anthropologie-inspired confetti tumblers, I flipped! Not only are they a fraction of the cost, the sky’s the limit when it comes to color combos.    

Zandi from Radical Possibility has the same mindset as me when it comes to thrift store glasses, so she set about creating her own version of the much more expensive Anthropologie ones. Continue Reading