10 Supremely Sippable Cold Brew Coffee Recipes to Try This Summer

Iced Cold Brew Coffee

Regardless of what the calendar says, one of the ways that I know it's really summer is that I switch from drinking hot coffee to refreshing cold brew. But if you start to get bored of the same old coffee every day, it might be time to spice things up with one of these cold brew coffee variations. I bet you definitely haven't tried all of these unusual flavor combos.              

 If you've never made your own cold brew concentrate, don't be intimidated, because it could hardly be easier. Continue Reading

How to Make Your Own Boba & Bubble Tea!

created at: 08/26/2012

My friend Megan first introduced me to boba/bubble tea a few years ago during an impromptu visit to New York. (Her enthusiasm for this Taiwanese drink was unmatched and I’ve associated it with her ever since!) If you have a similar love for this tapioca-infused drink, take note: making it at home is super easy!    


created at: 08/26/2012

The “pearls” in bubble tea are just giant tapioca balls called “boba”. Making this treat at home basically involves cooking the boba and brewing tea. Continue Reading

How To: Make an Upcycled DIY Reusable Drink Carrier

created at: 05/14/2012

Summer is coming, which means lots of time outdoors, picnics, BBQs, and festivities! All these events? They mean cold beverages better be at-the-ready. Check out this clever upcycled drink carrier!   

created at: 05/14/2012

Most glass bottle six packs (beer or soda) come in a collapsible cardboard container. Before you throw it away or recycled it, consider upcycling it into a reusable, fabric-covered carrier! Victoria from A Subtle Revelry has all the deets on making your own — check it out! Continue Reading

Recipe Roundup: Oreo Cookies and Booze

double-stuff-oreos.png Oreos

Yesterday I had a great idea for today’s installment of Foodie Friday: a roundup of recipes using Oreo cookies. Little did I know that Nabisco has that pretty much covered. From beverages to pies to candies and everything in between, you can find dozens and dozens of recipes on their website featuring that quintessential black and white sandwich cookie. What they DON’T have in their collection, however, is alcoholic drinks made with Oreo. Yup, Oreo cookies and booze. Continue Reading

Roundup: 15 Awesome and Easy DIY Mason Jar Projects

created at: 04/20/2011

As Chris mentioned a few weeks ago, mason jars have exploded (again?) onto the craft and DIY scenes.  You can’t look anywhere without seeing some crazy new use for them!  As it stands, we’re embracing the trend here at Curbly.  To make things easy on you, here are 15 mason jar projects all in one place!  Enjoy!   

Related Video:

created at: 04/20/2011

DIY bathroom storage shelf from Liz Marie!

created at: 04/20/2011

Vase-in-a-shelf from theUncommonGreen – Buy one here or check out the DIY instructions on Flickr. Continue Reading

The 12 Unhealthiest Wintertime Drinks

They may taste yummy, but they are far from good for your waistline. Not to mention your cholesterol levels. If you’re going to treat yourself to any of the 12 unhealthiest wintertime drinks, you might want to do so infrequently!

From worse to worst, here they are:

12. Starbucks’ White Hot Chocolate

11. Panera’s Pepperment Hot Chocolate

10. Starbucks’ Eggnog Latte

9. McDonalds’s Frappe Caramel

8. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf: Gingerbread Cookie Ice Blended Drink

7. Continue Reading

12 Brand Name Cool Drink Recipes

Have you ever found yourself jonesing for a Jamba Juice late at night? How about a Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino? You’ll be happy to know you can satisfy those cravings without leaving your pad. What’s great about making the drinks from scratch, you know exactly what’s in them. Here are some recipes via Yahoo Green recipes

  • Starbucks Frozen Frappuccino
  • Iced Mocha 
  • Jamba Juice-style Strawberries Wild Smoothie
  • Cherry Slurpee
  • Thai Iced Tea

And here’s some I found:


Red, White and Booze Part Deux

Red, White, and HPNOTIQ Blue Martini Martini Photo

The Fourth of July is right around the corner. I can almost smell the sulfur in the air! Although The Fourth wouldn’t be The Fourth without fireworks, it also wouldn’t be The Fourth without some festive libations. Awhile back I posted a few red, white and blue boozy recipes, including non-alcoholic options for each. I thought it was time to add to our patriotic, bar tending arsenal. A search of the internet came up with some doozies. Continue Reading

Leftover Halloween candy? Don’t eat it, DRINK it!

Typical leftover Halloween candy options: One: you could eat it yourself and run the risk of chocolate overload. Two: you could take it into the office and let your co-workers go at it like lions on wildebeests. Or three: you could make some of these drinkable alternatives.

Kit Kat Bar Smoothie

1 cup chocolate milk

1 cup chocolate ice cream

2 Kit Kat bars, chopped

Combine milk and ice cream in a blender until smooth. Pour mixture into a bowl, cover and put in freezer until frozen (about 3 hours). Continue Reading