Renter Friendly DIY: Utilize Wasted Cabinet Space with a Removable Dry Erase Board

Renter-friendly solution: Removable white board (hidden out of sight!)

Renting is a struggle sometimes because I often want to turn my home into my own, but renting limitations tend to get in the way. Although I can hang things on the walls, the cabinets are strictly off limits because the holes are impossible to fill when we move. Instead, I settled for a renter friendly DIY to make a removable dry erase board inside of one of my cabinets using vinyl. Now, I can write my grocery lists and other notes right in the kitchen where I need them, but the vinyl peels away easily when it’s time to make the move.            Continue Reading

The Dry-Erase Refrigerator

created on: 07/14/08

Amana’s new Jot refrigerator, which has a dry-erase door, is being marketed as the perfect spot to jot a note, but how fun to use–and reuse–your refrigerator door as a ‘canvas’? At $649 MSRP, it’s probably one of the more inexpensive refrigerators on the market. For more information, visit Amana.