How to Make CUTE Duct Tape Wallets

Three duct tape wallets

Okay, we’ve all seen duct tape wallets, right? Can we also agree that most are kind of goofy? I mean, great idea…just, you know, kind of goofy. Well, Monica over at Craftynest has re-defined the duct tape wallet into something that’s actually CUTE. She’s also re-worked the general instructions to make them easier to follow. Here’s the stuff you need to make one:

  • duct tape 
  • craft knife
  • self-healing cutting mat or other cutting surface 
  • credit card/driver’s license
  • 3- by 4-inch piece of clear plastic for ID window 
  • 12-inch ruler with metal edge
  • 45 minutes of your time

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Scotch’s New TOUGH Duct Tapes

created at: 2009-10-13

You’ve got to hand it to the perspicacious folks at 3M, who have a remarkable way of making things better that we thought were just fine to begin with. Case in point: Duct tape. Apparently, gray, tough and sticky were not enough. Scotch from 3M has now come up with FIVE new versions of the stuff, all with unique traits that just might make life easier. Here they are:

  • Scotch Tough Duct Tape – No Residue.
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Duct Tape Bows

Spotted this pic over on Craftzine. A perfect finish to the DIYers’ gifts this holiday season–wrapped, of course, in craft paper. There’s no accompanying tutorial, but it shouldn’t be too hard to do. After taping the package, I’d probably fold a length of duct tape back on itself, thereby eliminating the sticky back, and then ‘tie’ the bow. Or, to save on tape, you could stick the tape onto newspaper and then trim the excess paper away. Continue Reading

Don’t It Yourself?

This photo, with an adequate warning and shaming from DIYLife, elicits an important question:

What should you never do yourself?

Clearly, you shouldn't duct tape your baby to a wall, whether you do it yourself or with assistance.

But what tasks or repairs do you think absolutely must go to a professional? Intense electrical or gas work? Masonry? House cleaning?