Mod No-Sew Quilt Ornament

created on: 12/14/08

Tie a little extra LOVE onto the gifts you’re giving this year. If you have scrap fabric piled up, pull out some bright, happy prints and go to town. You can design and create one-of-a-kind, no sew, modern quilt ornaments in no time flat by following these quick and easy steps posted over on Whip Up….

created on: 12/14/08

Thanks to Jody for her easy tutorial.

The supplies you’ll need:


styrofoam balls

utility knife




pretty ribbon ties

floral hooks

Make a few of these for teacher gifts, mailman gift, tie onto hostess gifts, batch of fudge, plate of cookies, or any reason at all to share your creativity. Continue Reading

Felt Snowflakes

Snowflakes that are fuzzy and soft are so much better than the real thing. Look how pretty these Two Sided Felt Snowflakes are:

created on: 12/12/08

creator, Molly at The Purl Bee says that you can ‘You can create your
own blizzard in a snap!’ A pretty felt blizzard sounds lovely and way
better than the real kind that stops you wearing your brand new boots
and makes your nose do that dribbly snot thing.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 pieces of felt one in your chosen colours
  • A water soluble marking pen ( I would totally use a pencil)
  • A ruler
  • 2 spools of cotton in contrasting colours
  • The handy downloadable templates provided

I reckon you could probably make them by hand if you didn’t have a sewing machine. Continue Reading

Recycled Bike Tire Wreath: Mock Tutorial

created on: 12/09/08

This recycled wreath project (super easy and cheap) is only a reenactment of one of the very first DIY homeowner projects I pulled off successfully.

I think fondly of my bicycle tire wreath and the many Christmas seasons it hung brightly on the front of our house, high above the front door.  In this time of resourcefulness, a LARGE wreath can be constructed from any number of round forms.  Here’s a mock tutorial of how I made mine. Continue Reading

Faux Fire

When the weather turns rubbish nothing beats snuggling up in front
of a fire, possibly with trashy fiction and preferably with some kind of
chocolaty beverage. It’s just what winter should be all about.
Unfortunately our apartment doesn’t have a fireplace so I was forced
to improvise…

created on: 11/20/08

While technically
it wont keep me warm, (except in a cockles-of-my-heart way) it was
super easy to make and it makes me smile, and my baby scream with
bizarre-o baby glee. Continue Reading

Make Christmas Decorations More Chic

According to both Coco Chanel and my Grandma Generoux
“EVERYTHING is chicer in black, Darlink”. Take for example, this
fellow, the nicest thing you can say about him is that he’s ‘festive‘. Check out his makeover after the jump.

created on: 11/17/08





created on: 11/17/08

A lick of black spray paint and he’s disco ready.
I used Krylon Fusion paint and to turn Rudolph’s hick cousin into
Rudolph’s chic cousin. I actually have two of these because things look
better in pairs; well they do if you’re slightly obsessive
about symmetry like I am. Continue Reading

DIY: Real Simple Centerpiece Ideas

created on: 11/17/08

Forget about ordering a floral arrangement for Thanksgiving.  Look around your house, in the pantry, at your bowls to find simple and pretty vessels to fill with fruit, water, river rocks, flowers or even a branch from a leaf-barren tree.  This arrangement allows everyone to see across the table while either enjoying the family, or self-righteously analyzing each other. We do a little of both.

What you need:

  • large shallow bowl
  • river rocks
  • floating candles
  • smaller clear vase for the middle
  • orange roses or tulips

What you do:

  1. Place flower vase in the center of your bowl
  2. Add rocks to the bottom of the bowl
  3. Add water to cover the rocks
  4. Add water and arrange flowers in the center vase
  5. Spread floating candles around the center vase
  6. Place your arrangement in the center of your table and light the candles

created on: 11/17/08

created on: 11/17/08

created on: 11/17/08

Three little vases were too many for the candles to float so I went for the single vase with more tulips. Continue Reading

Ribbon Up Your Bathroom

Realsimple has a cute way to use up the squillion meters of ribbon that you might happen to have tucked away. (Compulsive ribbon buyer? Moi?)

created on: 10/08/08

Whip your old shower curtain hooks off and replace them with lengths of ribbon, tie them off and snip the ends at an angle. Practical? Maybe, maybe not, but it’s cheap, has big impact and it’s super easy to change when you get bored.

A spot of the same ribbon sewn onto the bottom of a few hand towels would totally pull the look together. Continue Reading

Freshen Up Billy… Change Up an Ikea Staple

This can barely even be described as an Ikea Hack, as essentially I just
slapped a bit of something on the back board of a slightly disreputable Billy bookcase that a friend passed along to me.


took the back of the Billy off and taped a large map onto it, I
didn’t even cut it to size, just folded the corners over and taped,
then tacked it back on with new nails. An alternative would be to print
out some images from google maps and mod podge them onto the backing. Continue Reading

The “Oh wow that was totally easy!” Skirt-Making Tutorial.

I can’t (or shouldn’t) even wear skirts, and this has even got me excited. Create a custom and perfectly summery skirt with just a bit of clever measuring and an elastic waistband. These can seemingly be made in under a half an hour with no wasted fabric.

Step 1: Measure yourself.

Step 2: Calculate the fabric. 


Step 3: Cut! 

Step 4: Side seam. 

skirt tutorial with trena

Step 5: Finish your edges. 

Step 6: Press! 

Step 7: Elastic waist time!  Continue Reading