How To: Make Your Own Solar-Powered “Sun Jars”!

created at: 09/04/2011

We’ve shared quite a few mason jar projects here on Curbly (did you see our roundup of 15 awesome uses for mason jars?) and we’ve even highlighted a purchasable sun jar, too.  Of course, it couldn’t be too long before we found a DIYable version, right?  Well, at least not if the industrious people of the Internet have their way.  So, if you haven’t yet exhausted your supply of jars from all those other rad projects and are looking for a fun, eco-friendly lighting solution, read on!   Continue Reading

What to Do with Your Post-Holiday Waste and Wrapping Paper.

Christmas on a Friday means lots of things – four day weekends for many 9-5ers, a few days after New Years before the kids head back to school…and that you have to hang onto your wrapping paper and waste until at least Monday when the sanitation department people get back to work. But, of course, you’d never just lug it to the curb and send if off to landfill land.

But what should you do with it? Continue Reading

Solar Spanish Tiles.

No more big boxes atop your roof…from now on, you can go green Mediterranean -style.


Solé Power Tiles allow homeowners to make eco-friendly choices without having to sacrifice style…if you want a blue mission roof, that is.

“Created by SRS Energy, the Solé Power Tile features flexible solar panels produced by United Solar Ovonic.  Each of these is embedded inside the high-performance polymer tiles, which are lightweight, unbreakable and fully-recyclable.  They claim it performs even better than run-of-the-mill solar panels when put through high-heat and dynamic-lighting conditions. Continue Reading

Homemade Non-Toxic Mold Prevention Spray

created on: 01/08/09

Mold. It’s BAD NEWS. As well as just being gross it can do some pretty rotten things to your lungs.
Prevention is definitely the way to go, as once you’ve got mold it’s
the very devil to get rid of. Luckily, you don’t need harsh chemicals to
stop mold arriving and bringing 50 gazillion of it’s friends. Jennifer
Chait, green-mama-maven over at Inhabitots has a recipe for an
all-natural mold prevention spray.

You mix two cups of water and
three drops of pure organic tea tree essential oil, pop it in a spray
bottle and spritz (then wipe) your walls once a week.  Continue Reading

Make Your Own Fabric Softener

created on: 08/13/08


Some people firmly believe that fabric conditioner is very bad news.  According to the these folks it’s full of scary chemicals that don’t biodegrade and it’s bad for
your health. Now, I have no real standpoint on this, I just don’t like
the way it makes things feel, I like my towels CRUNCHY.

Here’s a recipe on how to make your own fabric softener from Wikihow:

You’ll need:

  • 1 cup vinegar (white)
  • 1 cup washing soda
  • 1 cup water
  • Drops essential oil (good choices include lemon, lavender,
    mint, geranium)
  • Bottle for storage (flip-cap if possible)
  1. Assemble the items from the Things You’ll Need section.
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25 Eco-Chic Ideas for Your Home.

Green decor is everywhere, but this list of twenty five provides actual inspiration for using your recyclables in your decor. Interesting…

Ideas include:

  • Mixed Glass Centerpiece: Take old glass bottles and jars, fill with
    leaves and flowers and group the glassware together to make a
    centerpiece display
  • Sweater Seats: Reupholster chairs with old sweaters
  • Rustic Candles: Melt down the bits of old burned down candles and pour the wax into small flower pots to make candles
  • Cork Trivet: Save corks from wine bottles to make a trivet to set hot dishes on
  • Oxford Napkins: Repurpose worn cotton button down shirts into cloth napkins
  • Glass Jar Storage: Use old mason or sauce jars to hold cotton balls, q-tips, washcloths, etc.
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