How To Keep Your Garden Watered While You’re On Vacation

Tips for how to keep your garden watered while you're on summer vacation

In my part of the world, the hot, sunny summer growing season does not overlap much with the rainy season. It can go weeks without a drop of rain in the summer, which makes watering my vegetable garden daily a necessity. But summer is also vacation time, so if you don’t have a sprinkler system, how do you keep everything from dying while you’re gone? Don’t worry, there are a variety of DIY solutions to this problem.       Continue Reading

How to live an Eco-Frugal Life

Earth Day Sacramento 2009

Happy Earth Day! To celebrate the event, the Coupon Sherpa has put together an online Eco-Frugal Life Guide (also available in PDF format) to remind us that living a green lifestyle will actually SAVE us money. And I’m not just talking green appliances that start saving you money in 10 years. Oh, no, no, no. The Sherpa’s eco-frugal advice will start saving us cash NOW.     

From conserving on food, personal hygiene, working out, cleaning, vacationing and even green savings for kids (I particularly like ‘The Definitive List of DIY Kid Products’), the Eco-Frugal Life Guide has too information to cover in one tiny post. Continue Reading

Curbly Recession Busters: 5 Gifts for a Buy-Nothing Christmas

Still haven’t gotten around to your Christmas or Hanukkah shopping yet? Don’t. Instead, you might want to consider opting for a recession-busting, buy-nothing holiday. However, just because you don’t buy anything doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be giving your loved-ones gifts. For example…

  1. For Mom: Make housework coupons. (Here’s a free printable that could work.)
  2. For Dad: Paint a picture of something meaningful.
  3. For Your Girlfriend: Make homemade, wild-flower potpourri. (Or spa stuff.)
  4. For Nephews and Nieces: Make a scrapbook page.
Continue Reading

How To: Make Perfect Cardboard Pillow Patterns

created on: 11/06/08

If you’re planning on whipping up some custom throw pillows it can be such a time saver to make cardboard pillow forms in varying shapes and sizes. I have an entire set of these under my work table so I don’t have to re-measure each time. For the sake of the reader’s eyes, I covered a large piece of cardboard with green paper so you don’t have to look at brown cardboard.

In order to make the perfect knife edge pillow, there are a few tips.  Continue Reading

How to make a Kandle Heeterâ„¢

CraftyPod points us to the very clever Kandle Heeter™, a handmade, low tech contraption that acts as a space heater. It’s a collection of terra cotta pots with a solid steel inner core made up of hex nuts and washers and things, which collect the heat of a candle or, new for 2008, a halogen light bulb. You can buy the candle version for $29.95 and the electric version is $49.95; however, the generous creator provides how-to instructions to make them. Continue Reading

How to make dryer sheets.

created on: 02/28/08

I’m running low on dryer sheets, but with all these recipes to make my own, I’ll never have to buy them again!

Recipe #1: Put liquid fabric softener into an old, cleaned spray bottle. Spray 4 to 6 sprays on a rag and tumble with clothes in dryer as ususal. Wash the rag now and then to remove buildup.

Recipe #2: Mix 1 cup fabric softener with 2 cups water in spray bottle. Spray 4 to 6 sprays on a rag and tumble with clothes in dryer as ususal. Continue Reading