How to: DIY Typographic Easter Eggs

DIY Spray Painted Symbol Easter Eggs
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

Before we know it, Easter will be upon us… which means that it’s high time to get some Easter eggs in a basket! (Or in this case, a white tray). Today we’re sharing a quick and easy way to decorate eggs using spray paint and few adhesive stickers. Click through to check out the full tutorial.   


DIY Spray Painted Symbol Easter Eggs
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher


  • Spray paint in a couple of colors
  • Adhesive alphabet stickers with symbols
  • Room temperature white eggs
DIY Spray Painted Symbol Easter Eggs
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher


Begin by laying an egg out on a paper towel and spray painting the top surface. Continue Reading

Before you Decorate Easter Eggs, Try This Golden Trick

Golden egg trick | How to scramble your eggs before you hard boil them!

The internet is teeming with hacks and tricks, and as we all know, a lot of them just aren't true. It's the nature of the beast. The same freedom that allows anyone to have a voice on the web also means people just get on the internet and tell lies (it's true, Buster)! I saw this trick a while back for how to pre-scramble eggs before you cook them and I was mildly skeptical. Continue Reading

Make These! Feminist Easter Eggs (+ Free Printable)

Feminista Easter Eggs (+ Free Printable) |

Eggs are inherently feminine, right? They are a direct manifestation of a female creature walking around, just doing her female thing. Easter, back in its day, was pretty feminine too. Originally a celebration of the spring equinox, it's a day that used to be set aside in reverence of the Sumerian goddess of love and fertility, Ishtar. You know what else is pretty womanly? Me! The author of this post! With all of these elements combined (plus a dash of energy from the influx of female empowerment that I'm feeling everywhere around me), I decided to decorate my Easter eggs in pink and symbols of power. Continue Reading

The 50 Best Ways to Dye and Decorate Easter Eggs

50 Ways to Dye and Decorate Easter Eggs

Spring has sprung and Easter egg season is here! Gone are the days of simply dropping tablets into water and vinegar and plastic-wrapping your eggs. Though there’s nothing wrong with the classic method, the sky is really the limit when it comes to egg decorating, and DIYing a dozen has never been easier or more beautiful. We’ve rounded up fifty of the best DIY egg-dyeing and decorating projects to inspire you!


Black and white line drawn eggs
Alice + Lois

1. Mudcloth Eggs: These eggs are modern, minimal, and so stunning.  Continue Reading

How To: Make North African Shakshuka

created at: 02/01/2013

Last night I concocted this dish, well I thought I did, till a fellow instagrammer pointed out that in the North Africa it’s affectionately known as Shakshuka and is an Israeli staple… go figure!

My own personal recipe has the addition of a bell pepper, for a true classic you can omit it and top with crumbed Feta.


(Serves 4)

4 large ripe tomatoes
1 tbsp olive oil
1 large onion, finely chopped
1/4 tsp dried red chilli
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp coriander seeds
2 red or yellow bell peppers
2 large garlic cloves, crushed
4 eggs
chopped fresh Italian parsley, to garnish

Step 1: Blanch the tomatoes in boiling water for 10 minutes, peel off their skins, chop up the flesh, reserving the seeds and juices. Continue Reading

Roundup: Leftover Easter Egg Recipes

created at: 04/04/2012

After all the eggs have been found on Easter, they’re often forgotten. Soon thereafter, however, you realize you should probably DO something with them. You know…eat them. Deviled eggs are our first go-to recipe, but here’s a slew of wonderful and weird recipes that will make those leftover Easter eggs disappear in no time. 

Real Simple has a lovely collection of ten recipes, including the English-Muffin Egg Pizzas pictured above

Delish has a nice little collection too. Continue Reading

Make It: Crystal Egg Geodes

Skip the traditional Easter eggs this year and make crystal egg geodes. (Yeah, baby.)  Equal parts craft project and science experiment, they’ll have everyone oohing and ahhing over your basket, that’s certain. Save for the alum powder (buy here!), the materials are probably already things you have on hand. Check out the entire tutorial over at–where else–Martha’s digs.

Looking to make more traditional Easter Eggs for the kids? Check out this tutorial for “Minion” themed eggs, or 10 Fun and Fresh Easter Egg Decorating Ideas! Continue Reading

How To: Make Heart-Shaped Hard Boiled Eggs!

created at: 02/09/2012

These heart-shaped hard boiled eggs have been floating around the Internet for a while now, but I was saving them for this very special time of year when going out of your way to make heart-shaped foodstuffs is normal.  Aren’t you glad I did??   


Bento box and plush toy designer Anna the Red happily shares a simple technique for turning ordinary hard boiled eggs into something… EGGStraordinary*.  All you need is the following:

  • an egg
  • a clean, empty milk or juice carton
  • a chopstick
  • rubberbands

When you’re ready to start turning eggs into hearts, head over to Anna the Red for a nice photo tutorial plus a few EGGcellent** tips. Continue Reading