What Should You Do This Month? Throw a Backyard Solstice Party to Celebrate the Start of Summer

Backyard Solstice Party

While many Americans think that summer starts on Memorial Day, it officially begins on summer solstice, usually June 21 in the Northern hemisphere. The longest day of the year seems like the ideal excuse for a party, so here are some ideas for a backyard celebration of midsummer. And if you don’t get around to throwing a summer solstice party, there’s no expiration date on these outdoor party ideas!                

 For these summer solstice party ideas, I wanted to spotlight some of the things that are better in summer than any other part of the year. Continue Reading

This Simple Trick will Make the Ice in your Cooler Last Longer

This Simple Trick will Make the Ice in your Ice Chest Last Longer
Photos by Holly Wade

Summer is the ideal time of year for family outings, beach days, picnics, adventures in the park and so on. You probably bring along an ice chest to keep your drinks and a few snacks cold, but in the hot sun, that ice will be melted in no time. One sure-fire way to make the ice in your ice chest last longer is to add a simple household item…salt. Rock salt, to be exact. Continue Reading

The Envelope Game: How to Have the Best New Year’s Celebration of All Time

The Envelope Game | A New Years Printable

Usually at the end of the year, I'm left thinking: “Holy cow – that was fast! How has another year gone by already??” That's not the case this year, which is rare. These past twelve months have felt pretty long, and I'm totally ready to switch gears and hop into 2018 mode. I'm looking forward to welcoming in another new year, and to celebrate, I'm sharing with you this New Years printable game called The Envelope Game. Continue Reading

The Ultimate Halloween Music Guide: 80 Tunes For Every Mood

The Ultimate Halloween Playlist Guide | 3 Different Playlists, 80 Songs Total

Candy is great, and costumes are fun, but what about the music? Whether you like jammin’ to Monster Mash or prefer to get down to Thriller, music plays a big part in this spookiest of holidays. But there’s more to listen to than just the Ghostbusters theme song (although that is a good one!). Here are 80 songs to get you in the spirit for spirits. From classic haunts to alternative rock, there’s a Halloween playlist here for everyone.                   Continue Reading

Summer Bucket List: 10 Things You Should Do Before Summer is Over

Summer activities that you should make sure not to miss out on. #summer

While you’re suffering through a heat wave, it may seem like summer is lasting forever. But as the back-to-school ads remind us, it’ll be over before we know it. So if you’re determined to make the most of summer while you can, here are ten classic summer activities to make sure you fit in before fall.         



Spotting a meteor in a starry night sky is a summer activity that you should make sure not to miss out on. #summer #stargazing #stars #meteors
Photo: Juskteez Vu 

1. Go Stargazing

The peak of the Perseid meteor shower is coming up in mid-August (the nights of Aug. Continue Reading

How to Host a Boho Valentine’s Craft Night for Your Besties

Boho Valentine's Night Out with Friends

Happy February to all! I still catch myself asking what the date is because I feel like January just happened in a blink of an eye – am I right? Which basically means Valentine's day is going to be here in no time! And I'm super pumped about it this year because we are celebrating a very special evening with all my gal pals for a Boho Valentine's night out! To me, this holiday is meant to really appreciate the ones you love. Continue Reading

How to: Make an Edible Gumdrop Garland for the Holidays

Is there anything better than pretty decor you can eat? I’m a big fan of edible decor for the holidays! It makes me feel like Willy Wonka telling guests that things are edible, and now you can achieve that same feeling with this incredibly easy edible gumdrop garland that you can string across a section of your home for guests to grab gumdrops from while they mingle. If nothing else, these sugary candies add a little color to your holiday! Continue Reading

Double Duty! Make Simple Straw Place Cards

We're heading into the season of holiday entertaining, which happens to be my favorite time of year. Having groups of people over is a lot of fun but a lot of work, and especially with Thanksgiving and other dinner parties, you have to keep track of who is sitting where. That means you need place cards, but how much better would it be if those place cards served more than one purpose? These simple DIY straw place cards mark your drink as well as your seat, and you can still sip from your straw easily.  Continue Reading

DIY Outdoor Bistro Light Stands For Your Patio

DIY Bistro Light Posts For Your Patio
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

I've always loved the look of bistro lights in outdoor spaces, but our patio didn't have anywhere to attach the string lights. But now it does! Click through to find out how to hang outdoor lights without attaching them to your house or surrounding trees. 


DIY Bistro Light Posts For Your Patio
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

I was thrilled with the final result… they cast such a pretty glow over the patio once the sun has gone down. 

DIY Bistro Light Posts For Your Patio
Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

Here's what you'll need:


  • (2) buckets of Quikrete cement
  • Wood stain and a rag
  • Rubber gloves
  • Hammer
  • Nails (1 inch long)
  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Paintbrush
  • Wood glue
  • Thompson's WaterSeal
  • 6 cup hooks (1 inch)
  • Large bag of smooth stones 
  • Bistro lights
  • Ladder



  • (3) 8' x 1″ x 2″ (or similar)
  • (3) 9.25″
Continue Reading

How To Make The Perfect DIY Photo Booth For Your Wedding Or Party

How To Make A DIY Photo Booth For Your Wedding Or Party
Photo: Faith Towers

I’m getting married in July (to the good sport pictured in the photo above) and I desperately wanted to have a photo booth at our wedding. But the price of photo booth rentals was prohibitive, so of course I started brainstorming ways to DIY one instead. Click through to check out my simple solution.   


How To Make A DIY Photo Booth For Your Wedding Or Party
Photo: Faith Towers

The key to this photo booth is the Polaroid Snap. It has a timer setting, and also a space for a Micro SD card so you’ll have digital copies of all the photos that the guests have hard copies of. Continue Reading