Fun Games to Play After Thanksgiving Dinner

Fun games to play after Thanksgiving dinner

While the food and decor are usually the major focus for Thanksgiving preparations, it's worth thinking about what happens on Thanksgiving Day before and after the feast. Whether you want games to keep the kids busy while the adults are cleaning up, or family activities that everyone can do together, we have some ideas for fun Thanksgiving family games that might even distract everyone from rehashing the same old arguments. (MIGHT! We can't promise any miracles.)  Continue Reading

20 Ways to Elegantly Decorate Around and Disguise Your TV

When we moved into our current apartment, we decided to mount our TV on the wall. Mainly, this was because our cats liked to stand in front of it, but we also just liked the look! Now, it's over a year later and there's nothing on that wall except a TV, which is the eyesore of the room. I'm a BIG TV fan, but I don't like the look of a giant black screen singled out on my wall. Continue Reading

How To: Make a Modern, Trough-Style Concrete Planter

I shared 12 (super rad) outdoor projects that use concrete yesterday, but I’m just going to have to make it 13! This project is too easy and too awesome not to share.      

By now you’ve probably figured out that I’m a huge fan girl of the DIY site HomeMade Modern. If you’re not reading it, get on it! If you are — good on ya. Anyway, back to this modern concrete planter…

Using an old cabinet and some rigid foam boards as a mold, Ben from HomeMade Modern created this trough-style planter, complete with a drainage spigot and casters for easy moving. Continue Reading

An Out of Sight, Out of Mind DIY

created at: 01/31/2012

Unique piece of DIY art, or something more?  Let’s see what’s behind door #1, shall we?   Kristen Duke of Kristen Duke Photography was not a fan of their TV being the focal point of the room.  I mean, let’s face it: most of us probably have our couches facing that big black box (or in our case, 21 inches of rear projection goodness).  Her solution was to create a sliding cover that would double as an interesting wall feature. Continue Reading

IKEA Hack: Angie’s DIY Rustic Modern Entertainment Center Created from…Kitchen Cabinets!

Curbly reader Angie and her guy, Randy, just completed this amazing handmade Scandanavian-inspired media unit. She says, “When we completed our basement, we were in need of an entertainment center. We shopped around and looked at everything out there and we just couldn’t find anything we really liked. I also found that the average entertainment center didn’t have enough depth for the important part of the the entertainment center, really nice audio components. 🙂 From looking around, we determined that we liked the look of the low profile entertainment centers with wall mounted TVs…so we set out to build one. Continue Reading

Makeover Monday: Neutral Basement Rec Room into Colorful Family Entertainment Space.

Debbie Wiener of Design Solutions took a standard tract home, subdivision finished basement space and fused in some color and personality.

“Her focus isn’t on creating showroom homes instead its on creating designs for real living. Such is the case here. Debbie took a basement family room and made it into a family-friendly colorful entertainment room that encapsulates her design ethos: fun, inviting, and best of camouflage for all of life’s messes. She installed a dark chocolate rug to cover up the dirt of two teenage boys, had a Warhol-esque family portrait commissioned and used a sofa from her own Slobproof! Continue Reading