20 Ways to Elegantly Decorate Around and Disguise Your TV

When we moved into our current apartment, we decided to mount our TV on the wall. Mainly, this was because our cats liked to stand in front of it, but we also just liked the look! Now, it's over a year later and there's nothing on that wall except a TV, which is the eyesore of the room. I'm a BIG TV fan, but I don't like the look of a giant black screen singled out on my wall. Continue Reading

DIYable TV Easel?


I love the look of wall-mounted televisions, but every time I see one I can’t but help think that the homeowner who chose to do such a mount is stuck with it. That’s why I’m really groovin’ on this tv easel from Restoration Hardware. You get the minimal intrusion of a wall mount but with the movability of a traditional tv cabinet. Plus, it has a great steampunk quality about it. Its $995 price tag started me thinking about a DIY easel alternative. Continue Reading