Make This: Minimal Clothes Drying Rack

Perfect for small spaces - a collapsible wooden drying rack for laundry.

If you’re looking for ways to save money, or working on shrinking your environmental footprint, air-drying your washing is a great place to start. Dryers, while they are handy, use a ton of energy to operate. Plus, you might own delicate clothes that aren’t suited for aggressive machine drying. A clothes drying rack is a must-have asset for your laundry room – and bonus, you can make your own.     


I absolutely love how simple this clothes drying rack turned out. Continue Reading

You may be a green hypocrite if….


Green Daily provides a bit of a wake-up call with their 6 Signs of a Green Hypocrite. You may be one too if….

You recycle regularly but use a lot of disposables.    

You buy organic foods, but eat meat at every meal.

You own a hybrid but drive all over the place alone.

You built a green, but it’s your second house and it’s enormous.

You take eco-vacations but fly thousand of miles in first class to get there. Continue Reading

The Other Man’s Convertibles

created at: 2009-08-17

Photo Image: T.O.M.T.

Can you guess what ordinary household item this Noguchi-inspired hanging light is made from? I came across this photo over on Dudecraft and just had to see more. You’ve got to see these way-out, clever conversions designed and implemented by artist, Rodney Allen Trice.

created at: 2009-08-17

There must be a special connection in the brain that enables someone to take ordinary things and convert them into truly spectacular home furnishings. Rodney’s site,  The Other Man’s Treasure, or T.O.M.T Continue Reading

Natural Drain Uncloggers

created at: 2009-05-13

Admittedly, we were raised on commercials for toxic drain cleaners. Every household had the under-the-sink skull and crossbones drain and toilet bowl cleaners containing lye and acid. You were thought wimpy if you didn’t pour Roto-Rooter down the drain. CARE 2 make a difference shows you a better, safer way to unglog those gooey shower drains using simple household ingredients such as washing soda, instead of harsh, toxic commercial products.

How To Make Tree Limb Coasters

created at: 2009-04-30

We find high glossed coffee tables made out of tree slices to be organic, modern and very appealing. DIY-ing a coffee table would be a hefty task. However, slicing up a tree limb,

created at: 2009-04-29

sanding it, and sealing it was surprisingly easy and resulted in a unique set of natural tree limb coasters for morning coffee or a long tall glass of iced tea.  You only need a few tools to make your own old tree limb set of coasters.  Continue Reading

25 Amazing Tree Houses

created at: 2009-04-24

Tree houses aren’t just for kids, they are serious business. Whether constructed for fun or necessity, take a look at 25 amazing tree houses compiled by Web Urbanist  that run the gamut of style, design and function. Built in trees, with trees, hanging from trees or around trees, architects and builders have expanded the tree dwelling Swiss Family Robinson prototype to encompass every style imaginable. See more amazing tree houses

created at: 2009-04-24

Voyage to not very high up in a tree? Continue Reading

Guiltless Garden Table

created at: 2009-02-19

This is truly the first 100 % biodegradable, guiltless, enviro-BFF piece of furniture I’ve ever seen. Designed by shinwei rhoda yen, the table is made with natural wood embedded with mushrooms which spawn after being exposed to the weather.  The wood

created at: 2009-02-19

images from designboom

will feed the mushrooms for a few more years, eventually breaking down the furniture and feeding the mushrooms. This is the eco-cycle up front, and in your garden.


Staggering Plastic Water Bottle Facts

So we all know that plastic water bottles are bad for the environment, and that’s enough to eschew their usage. However, if you ever needed more specificity to punt the plastic, Green Upgrader has ‘em.

Did you know……

….that plastic bottles take 700 years to even begin composting?

Or that 90% of the cost of the bottle water is due to the bottle itself??

Or that 80% of all plastic bottles used aren’t recycled?

Or that 38 million plastic water bottles are sent to the dump PER YEAR in America? Continue Reading

Trendspotting: Plant a Victory Garden

created on: 01/10/09

The epitome of DIY-ing in this economy is being played out in the growing (sorry) number of dutiful stewards planting a victory garden.  This week the L.A. Times shined the light on this trend and environmentally responsible activity of good old-fashioned garden tending. 

created on: 01/10/09

Due to food shortages during World War II, Americans were urged by the government to plant their own gardens.  By 1943, Americans had planted more than 20 million Victory Gardens that reportedly produced more than 8 million tons of food. Continue Reading

Better Options to De-Ice Your Driveway and Sidewalks.

This article claims to offer a bunch of environmentally-sound methods of de-icing sidewalks. However, most of their tips are directed more at removing ice from your window (though they are good tips for doing so).

Luckily, the folks in the comments section offer great green ideas that seem much more fun than shoveling at six a.m.

  • Pure urea fertilizer
  • Fire place ash
  • Baking soda on steps and walkways
  • Just add sand for traction
  • Ground leaves from the compost bin
  • “Darker” recipes of kitty litter

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