Chase the Rainy Days Away with this DIY Painted Umbrella (With Video!)

How to turn your boring umbrella into a work of art

Do you remember this joke?: April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? The answer is “pilgrims” for those of you skipped the third grade. Cue eye roll. Anyway – we are headed right into the rainy season as March comes to a close and winter is finally releasing its chilly, chilly grasp. It's finally time to break out the umbrellas and rain boots! Keep reading to see how to make your rain gear more personal by DIY-ing this painted umbrella (P.S. Continue Reading

How to: Print Your Own President’s Day T-Shirt

created at: 02/14/2012

All right, now that Valentine’s Day is over, we can look ahead to the next holiday.  Do you do anything for President’s Day?  If you feel like participating in some festivity, here’s a wearable celebration.   Dana at MADE shows how to make your own intermediate stencil image, like this Honest Abe shirt. 

created at: 02/15/2012

This process involves more detailed stenciled pieces, but has a really cool end result.  She even uses the reverse image and gets two shirts out of one stencil cut. Continue Reading

Roundup: 8 DIY Throw Pillow Projects to Improve Any Bedroom

created at: 02/13/2012

When one thinks of a bedroom, it is safe to guess the first thing that comes to mind is the bed.  It is only fair that the all-important bed gets some love and attention now and again with the addition of a good throw pillow or two- and we all like a good DIY, right?   The above pillow was made using the simple freezer paper stencil method, from Tiffany Ruda

created at: 02/13/2012

This felt monogram pillow comes from The Sweet Survival, and would be fun in your favorite typography. Continue Reading

How To Make a Monogrammed Tool Bag

created at: 2009-04-01

Hard, plastic tool boxes are hardly easy to carry around, let alone convenient to hang on a doorknob. Canvas bags have been my choice up to now, but they always lack enough pockets to keep tools orderly. This 20 pocket canvas Bingo bag has more outside and inside pockets than I have tools. Here’s a quick and easy tutorial showing you how to convert the plain bag into a jazzed up, monogrammed DIY tool bag.  A great semi-handmade gift idea for a handy pal or a new homeowner, just add a few tools to get them started. Continue Reading

You Can Paint Your Ugly La-Z-Boy

created at: 2009-03-30

Yep! It’s true. SimplySpray sells a non-toxic, not-flammable, aerosol spray paint that can be used for for a variety of upholstered pieces-canvas, rugs, car or boat interiors, and rugs. Watch the YouTube demonstration

video to see how a sofa is transformed. Let’s face it, in a pinch it’s worth a try.

There is a disclaimer that if your upholstery fabric can absorb water, then the spray paint should work.  Available in nine upholstery colors, an artistic type could certainly create a stunning piece of upholstered artwork.  Continue Reading