How to Fake a Clean House

The holidays are right around the corner, which means you might have last minute guests delivering good cheer. If they happen to catch you between cleaning days, don’t worry. With just a few minutes, you can fake a clean house!

1. Control Odor! That means investing in a good air freshener, opening a window or turning on a fan or air conditioner. If you don’t have room spray, pop a piece of toast into the toaster (but don’t burn it!) Continue Reading

‘Boulder’ Disguises

Now that the snow has melted where I live, unsightly utility paraphernalia has come back into view. Planting some pretty foliage to hide junction boxes and pipes and such is always a good idea, but for immediate and complete disguise-ification we can always purchase some Mock Rocks®. Durable yet lightweight, the hollowed-out rocks can cover up a multitude of yard sins. Available in various sizes costing between 50 and 350 bucks at Plow and Hearth. Continue Reading

What’s Your Knock-Off Story?

A few years back, Herman Miller launched their “Get Real” campaign in an effort to “promote the genuine articles.” It’s completely understandable that designers and artists go to great lengths trying to prevent others from profiting off their intellectual property.

However, the world being what it is, we probably all know where we can buy knock-off Ray-Bans, Rolex, and Louis Vuitton handbags. But the question is, should we buy them? And if we do, do we confess to their fakiness? Continue Reading

Fake Books for Fake Readers

The Original Book Works produces fake, excuse me, “faux”, books to make you seem well-read. Of course there are other reasons for putting fake, I mean, “faux”, “authentic resin reproductions of real leather books” in your library. You may want to cover a door with them, creating a Double-Oh-Seven escape route to your Aston Martin parked out back. Or maybe you just want the look of a library without the tedious job of accumulating books, not to mention actually READING them. Continue Reading