Makeover Monday: Neutral Basement Rec Room into Colorful Family Entertainment Space.

Debbie Wiener of Design Solutions took a standard tract home, subdivision finished basement space and fused in some color and personality.

“Her focus isn’t on creating showroom homes instead its on creating designs for real living. Such is the case here. Debbie took a basement family room and made it into a family-friendly colorful entertainment room that encapsulates her design ethos: fun, inviting, and best of camouflage for all of life’s messes. She installed a dark chocolate rug to cover up the dirt of two teenage boys, had a Warhol-esque family portrait commissioned and used a sofa from her own Slobproof! Continue Reading

15 Tips to Keep Your Car Interior Clean, Stainless and Fresh

created at: 2009-05-19

Twenty hours on the road can leave your car filled with the likes of fries, spilled drinks, wadded up napkins, pillows, blankets, maps, newspapers and sticky, gooey messes. The best way to avoid stains is to not eat, drink or do anything in the car but ride. Since that’s impossible, here are 15 tips from Road & Travel Magazine to get things straightened up after your vacation.  

created at: 2009-05-19

You’ve got vinyl, leather, or cloth upholstery, carpet, floor mats and the interior of the doors to keep clean and stain free.  Continue Reading

11 Cool Photo Crafts.

Making stuff is always way more fun when you're using the images of your friends and family as source material. Here's eleven clever projects that allow you to use your own digital photos to create beautiful artwork and fun crafts.

  • KidGrid: DIY Photo blocks
  • Customized party gear
  • Make photo magnets
  • Personalized mini-stickers
  • Custom coloring books
  • Create your own pop art
  • DIY Photo mobile
  • Bookplate stickers
  • Personalized baby books & scrapbooks
  • Photo puzzle