Felted Gift Ornaments

created at: 12/02/2010

A few weeks ago while sauntering through West Elm, I saw some cute, felted Christmas package ornaments and a how-to was inspired. They’re a little gift, to be sure, but my version would make a big impression on, say, those co-worker friends of yours because, not only are they darling, they will be hand-made by YOU.    

What you’ll need:

  • Styrofoam (chunks of packing material will work swell for this) cut into about 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ x 3/4″ pieces.
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Sweater Stockings

We’ve had upcycled sweater cushion covers here on Curbly before, and
very fabulous they were too. These Christmas stockings from Martha may
be their second cousins.created on: 12/16/08

To make them you need

  • A sweater (cardigans or Henley tops seem to be simplest)
  • Thread
  • The downloadable stocking template included in the instructions.

Head over for the full skinny.
You could felt the sweater before you made the stocking, I reckon that
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Joy’s Circles of Blankety Goodness

A chum of mine has just finished this lovely bit of loveliness: created on: 11/18/08

It’s a blanket made of knitted circles with crocheted edges. Joy has been working on it for an age, and says that while the pattern (which she learnt at The Knit Cafe here in Toronto) is simple it is labour intensive, as it takes 300(!)
circles to make a good-sized blanket.  But  what a great, fun, and elegant 
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