Try This: Mulling Spice Simmer Pot Recipe

How to make your home instantly smell like autumn with this fall simmer pot recipe

We're getting to that time of year where two different things are happening: parties are picking up, and the cold weather is forcing us to spend more time indoors. So… basically the perfect combination for some cozy aromatherapy! The fall season has so many distinct smells associated with it – like crisp winds, earthy leaves, fresh rain – and one of the most recognizable scent combinations is that of mulling spices. Whether you have a dinner party coming up, or simply want to flood your home with the scents of the season, this quick fall simmer pot is sure to do the trick.          Continue Reading

Decorate Your Home with Cozy Holiday Luminaries

DIY holiday luminaries made from an aluminum sheet and thread
In partnership with the Home Depot

Wintertime is in full swing here in Minnesota. Early in the week we experienced a few rounds of snow and ice, resulting in the outdoors being treacherous and uninviting. While I definitely have holiday-related errands to run this weekend, staying off the roads and keeping indoors is pretty tempting. I’m a homebody for certain, and I’ve learned how to keep the stir-crazies away during these colder months. Part of staying sane while being stuck inside has to do with how you light your home. Continue Reading

Make It: Festive Gingerbread Gift Toppers that Double as Christmas Ornaments!

Make it: Festive gingerbread gift toppers that double as Christmas ornaments!There’s something really fun about wrapping gifts at Christmas time don’t you think? Maybe it’s because  this is the only time of year I can sing along to carols at the top of my lungs while I wrap. Or perhaps it’s the sheer number of presents I get to play with! Either way, everything feels so magical that it makes me want to make each gift extra festive.

Make it: Festive gingerbread gift toppers that double as Christmas ornaments!

And there’s no easier way to add a little festive cheer to your presents than with some cute gift toppers.  Continue Reading

You Can Totally Make These: Hand-Painted Scandinavian Stockings

Make These: Hand-painted Scandinavian-inspired stockings

Guess what? Christmas is almost here! I'm super excited, and grateful that I can finally start to decorate my home for the holidays. Last year I went for a Scandinavian-theme with my holiday decor, and this year I'm continuing the motif. I love the care and simplicity of the Nordic patterns that pop up during this season, and I decided I wanted to replicate those patterns on some hand-painted Scandinavian stockings. It was easier than it looks – keep reading to see how it works!                Continue Reading

Get Ready for Christmas with this DIY Festive Bauble Piñata!

Get ready for Christmas with this DIY festive bauble piñata!

When it comes to Christmas Day activities, it’s fair to say that the adults in our household could just eat and chat from morning 'til night. After all, there’s a lot to catch up on when the whole gang gets together!

Get ready for Christmas with this DIY festive bauble piñata!

But now that our family is starting to expand with the next generation of littles, having something to keep the kids entertained has become much more of a focus than it was in years past.  Continue Reading

How To: Make Felt Holiday Trees!

created at: 11/21/2011

These felt trees are crafty, kitschy, quirky, and fun.  Also?  They’re easy as pie–you’ll have your own mini forest in no time!   


Colorful scallops and fabulous embellishments are the key to pulling off these simple felt Christmas trees (not to mention it’s a great way to use up scrap materials).  Blogger Danielle Thompson provides a great tutorial and loads of inspiring photos, so check out her how-to over on Thompson Family Life!

I love all the lace, ric rac, buttons, and bells that Danielle uses. Continue Reading

Make It: Festive No-Sew Bunting!

created at: 10/17/2011

Add a pop of color and a good dose of cheer to your next celebration with this easy, no-sew bunting!  


Whether you’re throwing a holiday shindig, celebrating a birthday, or just want to jazz up the joint, this bunting garland is for you.  Using simple, inexpensive materials is only the icing on the cake for this DIY project from the creative people at Project Wedding.  So, put your party shoes on and let’s get this thing started! Continue Reading

Booze, Not Boos: 8 Pumpkin Cocktails with a Punch

It’s pumpkin season. But instead of carving the buggers, how about drinking them? These boozy recipes would be perfect to serve at any fall gathering but especially at Halloweentime and Thanksgiving. 

We’ll start with the very fun and festive Pumpkin Margarita.

Or how about a Pumpkin Martini? You can find the recipe at Mermaids of the Lake.

Here’s one Don Draper would love (but what drink doesn’t Don love?): a Pumpkin Pie Old Fashioned. It starts with Harvest Syrup, which National Post tells us how to concoct as well.  Continue Reading

Wee Twinkly Car Air Freshener


Considering how much time some people spend in their cars every day, it makes sense to bring a little Christmas cheer to your commute. The winking Wee Tree would do just that. Available through Perpetual Kid for $7.50*, we’re advised that it might not be legal in every locality, so they suggest we check with the authorities before we fire them up and hang them on our mirrors. 

*Not surprisingly, they’re out of stock right now, but Perpetual Kid has an email notification of availability feature.  Continue Reading

How-To: Make a Festive and Rustic Paper Garland

created at: 11/08/2010

During the Fall and Winter months, I tend to embrace my rustic side a bit more.  The idea of logs and woodsy things in my home no longer seems borderline-tacky, but slightly charming and a semi-effective way of bringing nature indoors in an attempt to fight the winter blues.  And speaking of fighting the winter blues, I think making this paper garland would be a great way to spend a drizzly and snowy afternoon (like today).  Continue Reading