Stupid (and Expensive) House Mistakes I’ve Made That You Should Avoid

Photo: Dimasik_sh/Shutterstock

For most of us, the fun part of moving into a new home is putting our own stamp on the space. I’m sure people who get excited about furnaces and drainage are out there (and waiting to leave a comment), but I can’t be the only one who barely gave that stuff a thought. As a first-time homeowner, though, I have made some stupid, expensive mistakes on the boring stuff that no one talks about. Continue Reading

How to Be Thrifty: Living the Life of Leisure

created at: 06/18/2010

Because we’ve done such good work at being thrifty this week, we’re going to treat ourselves today and par-tay! Living the life of leisure might sound like an expensive proposition, but Be Thrifty. How to Live Better for Less tells us how to do just that. From travel, to gift giving, to weddings(!), the book’s ‘living the life of leisure’ chapter covers innumerable leisurely activities. Today we’ll thumbnail just a few. Again, all tips are provided by Be Thrifty. Continue Reading

How to Be Thrifty: Making a Case for the Brown-Bag Lunch

created at: 06/16/2010

So far in our Be Thrifty series, we’ve covered the ‘buy it’ test as well as the rewards of being a handy householder.  Today we start a discussion about the cost of food. Namely, lunch. 

Be Thrifty. How to Live Better With Less makes a compelling argument for those of us who have not yet made the decision to bring our lunches to work. You might think buying a sandwich and a drink doesn’t cost THAT much, and comparing it to a meal out with the family, it doesn’t. Continue Reading

How to Be Thrifty: Become a Handy Householder

created at: 06/15/2010

It has been said that ‘If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.’ Of course any respectable Curblier would argue that women should be handy too. Being so is imperative to living a thrifty lifestyle. Besides saving us oodles of cash on repair bills, we get those priceless rushes of self-sufficiency.    

However, even the handiest of handymen or women have their limitations. So before we cause both physical and financial damage tackling a DIY project, let’s peruse The Keys to the Handy Kingdom from Workman Publishing’s new title, Be Thrifty. Continue Reading

How to Be Thrifty: The ‘Should You Buy it Test’

Today we officially kick off Be Thrifty week! Besides giving away three copies of the new title, Be Thrifty. How to Live Better with Less, the book’s publisher, Workman Publishing, is graciously allowing us to feature ORIGINAL content from the very fun and timely frugal-living handbook.    

This, our first of five installments, asks us to ask ourselves a simple question before we buy something: “Should You Buy It?” To help us answer, Be Thrifty suggests some follow-up questions to help us decide. Continue Reading