How to Get Great Results from Your Random-Orbit Sander

Random-orbit sander 101
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Everyone likes a smooth, sanded surface on a project, but no one (and I mean absolutely no one) like the tedious process of getting it done. Motorized sanding machines speed up the process greatly, but many of them can be hard to control, or wind up leave swirl marks in the finished surface.

Not so with the random-orbit sander. As the name suggests, its pad follows an entirely random pattern, so you can control the amount of wood removed, and leave your surface free of spirals. Continue Reading

How To: Faux Aged Copper Planter

faux copper finish planter
photo: Where The Smiles Have Been

Copper is getting its 15 minutes of fame right now. I see it everywhere. Actual copper items can be pricey, especially copper planters. This tutorial shares some great tips for getting a faux aged copper look to anything!      


diy faux copper finish planter
photo: Where The Smiles Have Been

See the full how-to over on Where The Smiles Have Been. 

DIY Faux Aged Copper Planter by [Where The Smiles Have Been]

My New Favorite Polyurethane

When it comes to water-based polyurethane, I’ve been a Minwax girl for quite awhile. I started using their Polycrylic because it dried crystal clearly, had low odor and clean-up was a snap. But this weekend when I went to my local hardware store for a fresh can of my old standby, I was introduced to Aqua ZAR and thought I’d give it a try. As soon as I opened the can’s lid, I was impressed. The Aqua Zar was quite a bit thicker than the Minwax, and it had even less odor, which I didn’t think was possible. Continue Reading

Want a Crackle Finish? Try Elmers!

A few weeks ago, fellow Curblier ericson posted a question regarding crackle finishing. Ericson’s conundrum was that he is in the Phillippines and was unsure if he would be able to find the crackling medium used in the process. I’ve always had my suspicions as to what the medium was, but–and let me stress this–I really have no clue as to its chemical make-up. That being said, I went about doing a bit of experimenting anyway. Continue Reading