Ready, Aim, Fire! How to Stock a Campfire Box

Roaring campfire
Photo: Amber Dickson

Whether at the beach, the woods, or your own backyard, a campfire is a guaranteed way to relax and enjoy your favorite people.  Take a little time to stock a campfire box with a few of the following fire-starting supplies.  It will make lighting a campfire quick and easy and therefore more likely to happen. Your future (smoke-scented) self will thank you.         


Materials needed for this project
Photo: Amber Dickson

1.  Newsprint

If you still receive your news in print, stash a stack in your box.  Continue Reading

30 Outdoor Fire Pits that will Make You Jealous

Summer is just around the corner, which means it's the perfect time to update your backyard for barbecues and outdoor get togethers! If you need a little inspiration or just want to gawk at gorgeous backyards, these 30 outdoor fire pits and fireplaces will make you incredibly jealous.


1. This ultra cozy outdoor fireplace with layered textiles looks like a comfortable setting. [Photo: Mikkel Vang via Domino]

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How To: Elegant DIY Wooden Mantel from Scratch!

How-To: Elegant DIY Wooden Mantel
Photo: Faith Towers

I recently tackled a big project for my dining room – a DIY wooden mantel – and today, I'm pretty excited to share the process with you. If you have a fireplace without much character like mine used to be, this project might be the perfect solution for you. And let me be clear … I only have basic woodworking know-how, so this is feasible for anybody with a bit of crafty know-how and a willingness to try.  Continue Reading

Building Fire Art Installation

fond Sensational Light Project in Vancouver: Fire with Fire

Although it might look like it, this building isn’t actually on fire. The conflagration is a choreographed art installation by Isabelle Hayeur in Downtown Eastside, Vancouver. The fire is created via video projectors and 3 blu-ray players. The effect, however, is completely realistic. Check out the video below to see the ignition to all out 5 alarm. (No word if the fire department actually showed up. I’m guessing they were clued in on the exhibit.)

For more stills, go here. Continue Reading

How to: Make DIY Fire Starters from Pine Cones

Ahh…to have a fireplace. Urban apartment dweller that I am, I haven’t such luxuries, but if I did, I’d be making these by the dozens.

Curbly reader Rachael came up with these very cool DIY fire Starters using found pine cones, soy wax, and (optional) essential oils. Since they’re easy to make in bulk, they’d make great gifts, and should be easy enough to keep around until camping season.


The Tuesday Post: Pine Cone Fire Starters

Out of the Ashes: Remodeling After a Fire

The pictures above are of the interior of a lovingly-restored 1899 Queen Anne. In 2006, it was engulfed in fire, caused by a renter’s cigarette. Instead of demolishing the residence, the couple that owned it decided to restore it for a second time. Their remarkable story and the house’s resurrection is documented at the website The 1899 House. Here’s just a sampling of the destruction…and the rebirth. 

The dining room after the fire:

The dining room after the second restoration:

The kitchen after the fire:

The kitchen now:

Holiday How-To: Create a Faux Fireplace Anywhere.


Attention contemporary apartment dwellers and those living south of the Mason-Dixon line! You, too, can celebrate the fun and festivities of the holidays by the warmth of a roaring fire.

Well, at least by the feel of a roaring fire.

Er, the look of a roaring fire?

Instructables member Pinemom created an entire mantle/hearth/blaze fireplace feel under her breakfast bar, perfect for hanging stockings with care. The photos are a little uninspiring, but the technique is solid, and can be easily translated to make sense in whatever non-fireplace having abode you inhabit. Continue Reading

How To Make Fire w/o a Lighter or Matches

created at: 2009-08-10

Photo Image: Viking Campsite

Searching for an origami project led me to the following tutorial on YouTube by 5 Minute Studio. Let’s just say you’re stranded somewhere without a lighter or matches

but you, for some reason, have some fine steel wool and a battery, no worries. This acturally looks  easier than using a lighter or matches to get your cozy fire started, especially if it’s windy. Great trick to impress your camping buddies.