How to Repair the Webbing on a Vintage Mid-Century Chair

Replace Old Rubber Webbing Mid Century Chair

A vintage mid-century chair is always a great find. Unfortunately, the affordable ones are usually in bad condition, and they get passed up by many buyers because it's intimidating to figure out where or how to fix them. Last winter I bought a mid-century chair at an estate sale for $15, with broken webbing, and worn-out cushions. But the structure of the chair was in excellent condition. If you find one like this, don't pass it up! Continue Reading

8 Quick and Easy Repairs You Can DIY

Don’t sweat the small stuff, especially when the ‘stuff’ is household repairs. Here’s a rundown of things you can DIY with handy links to tell you how to do them.    

Broken tile? Go here.

Torn vinyl? Easy peasy.

Scratches in a wood cabinet? Here’s what you’re looking for.

Frozen icemaker? This’ll do.

Loose laminate? Gotcha covered.

Worn-out caulk? No problem.

Stained grout? Get it out.

Drippy faucet? Stop it.

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12 Quick Around-the-House Fixes

Sometimes we’re so busy around the house with the big stuff that we disregard the little stuff. Follow This Old House’s advice to fix the latter to bring harmony home.

  1. Take the Squeak out of Squeaky Floors and Stairs
  2. Unclog a powder room sink.
  3. Clean your stainless and keep it spotless.
  4. Hide scratches in woodwork.
  5. Tighten a loose set screw.
  6. Mask a musty smell (via your furnace!).
  7. Tighten loose chair legs.
  8. Tighten a drafty window.
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How to Remove a Stripped Screw.

If you do any sort of DIY, mechanical, construction, carpentry, or even crafting, you’re going to work with screws, and sooner or later, the heads will get stripped. It’s annoying, but it’s not the end of your project. Here’s a couple ideas to salvage your work.

1). Use a manual screwdriver. You can control the speed and friction alot better with a manual screwdriver rather than a powerdrill or driver.

2). Use a screw extractor. These handy tools have tapered threads that are set up counter-clockwise fromtraditonal screw threads. Continue Reading

How To Free a Stuck Garbage Disposal.

Our garbage disposal jams at least three or four times a month…partially because my wife tries to overextend it, and partially because it sucks. So last time, I ask the maintance man to show me how to do fix it so they wouldn't have to come so often. He refused, citing some legal ramifications. So I told him no thanks, and that I'd just figure it out myself.

So, I did.

    Kitchen Tongs
    1/4” Allen wrench (hex key)

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