Sick of Your Floor Tile? You Should Paint It!

Sick of your floor tile? Paint it! Everything you need to know about floor tile paint.
Photo: Jess McGurn

Most of us have had one at some point or another… an ugly ceramic tiled floor. Well, here's the good news… you don't necessarily have to tear it up – painting is a great option that requires less time and money than re-tiling. Keep reading to learn more about using floor tile paint to give your space a quick, affordable makeover.   


Before and after of painted floor tiles
Photos: Driven By Decor

Would you just look at that red floor tile?! Continue Reading

How To: Make a DIY Braided Chevron Rug!

created at: 02/08/2012

I love this DIY chevron rug for two reasons*: it combines the artistic and colorful effect of this gorgeous if not impractical rope rug with the ease and eco-friendliness of this recycled rag rug.  It’s the best of both worlds, people!   


Brittany Jepsen, who writes one of my favorite blogs The House That Lars Built, recently created this super awesome braided rug — and you can, too!  You’ll need about ten strips of fabric, each three yards long and about 8-10 inches wide.   Continue Reading

Holly Turns a $40 Rug into a Show-Stopping Focal Point

created at: 10/17/2011

It’s easy to get excited about furniture. And it’s plenty fun to explore paint colors, wall art options, and accessories. After all, those are what go into a room’s design, right?

Well, yeah. That’s part of it. But don’t forget those other two sides of the space – the ceiling, and the floor. Of course, a room defining floor piece can often cost significantly more than that can of paint or awesome framed print. Like, a whole lot more. Continue Reading

Suspended Net Floor/Bed

maluna: wow!

Although it looks kind of like a trampoline, it’s actually a net floor/bed. The overhead skylight adds to its joyful quality, don’t you think? Don’t know if I’d want to climb those stairs to get to it, however. 


Give Your Floor a High-Style Makeover on the Cheap

created at: 07/30/2010

Take a look at the floor above. Whatcha think gives it that great pattern? Fancy tile? Linoleum?

Neither. Actually, it’s paper. And not some absurdly expensive bathroom floor paper, either. Just screenprinted art paper, sandwiched between layers of PVA sealant.

created at: 07/30/2010   “Lack of funds and creative fussiness on both our parts led to an experimental and untested idea for our bathroom floor. There are no before photos, as for nearly four years, it was plywood painted with purple fence paint and spattered with various paints and adhesives as we very slowly made progress with the walls (unphotographable!). Continue Reading

Fantastic Faux-Floor Illusions.

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 Nlb2Iavxqvs Rlmphyc4Xoi Aaaaaaaaa9Q 7O1Fixjz60G S1600 The+Painted+Bathroom+Floor+Illusion





In his later years, my grandfather took to intricate wood carving and burning, and he used one of these magnifying headband visor to see all the details. The siblings and cousins and I would sneak into the workspace and put it on, and then look down at the floor with our skewed depth perception through and below the lenses, making a seemingly ten-foot vertical drop off, into which we would fearfully step and then giggle when we’d realize we hadn’t fallen. Continue Reading

Recycle Carpet Samples

created on: 12/10/08

It’s time for me to take a break from Christmas decor.  When I think about the fresh, new year, I get giddy about cleaning, clearing, and being creative with inexpensive materials.  Lucky for me, Readymade has provided three ideas from Jen Trolio for reusing carpet samples.  Lowe’s,  Home Depot and some supersize stores always seem to have an abundance of carpet samples available right after New Year’s Day.  With a utility knife, a straight edge and duct tape, boring carpet samples can be transformed into a dandy floor runner, a tactile headboard and a wacky flower vase.  Continue Reading

Curbly Recession Busters: How To Spruce Up Your Own Digs For The Holidays

 created on: 10/29/08

created on: 10/29/08

  It’s the time of year you turn a critical eye to the interior to see what needs to be spruced up.  Preparing for a packed house on Thanksgiving is a sure fire motivator to plow through a To Do list in record time.

This year you may want to rethink the outlay of money to get the house looking top notch.  You can save loads of dough by doing most  jobs yourself.  If, for some unknown reason, you don’t really know how to do some of these basic things, here’s a compilation of tutorials for everything.  Continue Reading

How To: Hide Wires in Between Your Carpet and Wall.

This trick is a classic: Instructable-maker Condongolev highlights the basic, but clever, technique of sliding cables, cords, and wires in that tiny groove between the carpet and the wall. Just extend the wire, and use a pointed, but blunt object (like a broken pencil) to push it into the little space. Works great for speaker wire, coax cable, power supplies, etc.