Inspiration: Plywood Floors (How-to Included)

diy plywood flooring

A few years ago, I went to a party held in the home of a former Minneapolis Institute of Arts dean. We guests gathered in his studio for the night's merriment. I'm always thrilled when entering such spaces as they invariably provide a creative jolt. In this instance, however, I wasn't only inspired by the art displayed throughout the space but also the flooring of the dean's studio. It was raw plywood with only smatterings of paint from his work finishing it here and there. Continue Reading

My New Kitchen Floor-A Houndstooth Commitment

created at: 10/28/2010

Would you, could you commit to a houndstooth tile kitchen floor? Stephanie (remember the bent utensil mug holder) says she could commit in a minute to the houndstooth floor tiles. Available through Bisazzo Mosaico, and only $77.00 per square foot, you better be committed! Only comes in red and white, but click here to see more simply stunning tile designs.

created at: 10/28/2010

The Secret to Removing Old Vinyl Floor Tiles

Are you living with vinyl floor tile remorse? Did you really think the faux parquet tiles would look like authentic parquet?  If you’ve hit rock bottom and are ready to start from scratch, here’s a juicy little tip that will help you get on the road to floor recovery and remove those pesky, sticky squares that tried to dazzle you.

The secret:

dry ice

parchment or wax paper

towel or rags

putty knife

Aeray over on Instructables discovered this easy technique after “scraping, heating and using a variety of solvents”. Continue Reading

Painted Kitchen Floor Makeover

I must admit, I cringed a bit when I saw this makeover. MWT and I have installed wooden floors and we’ve hired people to refinish 100’s of square feet of them in both the homes in which we’ve lived. Now, it’s not that painted wood floors can’t look amazing; I’d just reserve the act for floors that are way beyond salvation. In this case, the ‘before’ floor wasn’t the prettiest of hues, to be sure, but the ‘after’…I’ll let you decide.  Continue Reading

Use Moroccan Stencils for Ceilings, Walls, Floors, and Furniture


Don’t tell my local mid-century modern group (Atomic Indy) but I’m kind of loving the whole Moroccan pattern trend. My first encounter was when I accidentally came across the My Marrakesh blog, by the lovely Maryam. Next, I found out about Melanie Royals, a San Diego stencil artist  who organized a couple of painting trips to Maryam’s pad in Marrakesh. Then, I discovered that Melanie’s company, Royal Design Studio, now sells a huge variety of fabulous Moroccan stencils. Continue Reading

Carved Concrete Floors.

transparent house concrete art grey floor Elegant Art Patterns for Your FloorPolished concrete floors will always scream “MODERNISM!” but these elegantly carved concrete floors throw in a whole bunch of ‘contemporary’ to the modern reliability. “The design concept allows for the application of any pattern to the surface when pouring or afterwards when the concrete has set. The fine floral ornament promotes the clean character of the space while adding a touch of warm and live contrast and highlighting the cold austerity of the material.

Check it out on Transparenthouse! Continue Reading