How to Take Great Sparkler Pictures with Your Phone

Sparkler pictures - writing with light
Photo: Amber Dickson

Sparklers pictures are a fun and festive part of any 4th of July gathering.  Find out how you can document the day by taking long exposure photographs on your smartphone.  Your Instagram feed is going to shine!           


Sparklers in hands
Photo: Amber Dickson

Safety First When Creating Sparkler Pictures

The most important step is insuring your safety and that of the people around you.  Always make sure any children are closely supervised.  Sparklers can reach temperatures above 1800 degrees Fahrenheit and need to be handled carefully.  Continue Reading

DIY 4th of July Popsicles, Two Ways: One for Kids and One for Adults!

Recipe: 4th of July popsicles!

Here’s a summertime tip: Always make popsicles. Summer is here, which means the Fourth of July is on the way and you probably have a barbeque to host. Whether you’re holding a kid-friendly summer party or an adults-only celebration, popsicles will make everyone happy, including you! That’s because they’re ridiculously easy to make, you can prep them far in advance, and nothing tastes better on a hot day than a refreshing popsicle. We have two tasty recipes for you to prep this summer. Continue Reading

Roundup: 20 Festive Fourth of July DIY Ideas

Independence Day is fast approaching, but there’s still time to make some fun fourth of July inspired crafts. Whether you’re hosting a big bash or just celebrating at home with family and friends, adding some red, white and blue will surely lend a festive feel to your day!    


1. Make a fun crepe paper wind sock using these easy instructions. [Photo: Multiples and More]

2. Try your hand at a red, white and blue star banner. Continue Reading

10 Kid-Friendly 4th of July Projects

The Fourth of July is one of those holidays that the kids are begging to be involved with. From decorating for the party to making the food to creating a game, kids can definitely help you prep for this year’s Independence Day. Here are 10 projects you can enlist their help with!      


1. Fourth of July Confetti Popper Rockets – photo by Alpha Mom 

2. Spangled Sandwich Pops – photo by Spoonful 

3. Firework Chocolate Pretzels – by Oh My Creative 

4. Continue Reading

Make It: A Free Printable Jigsaw Puzzle of the U.S.

created at: 07/03/2012

Puzzles are fun, learning is fun, and hey, it’s the Fourth of July: why not make a jigsaw puzzle of the U.S.??    

This printable map and jigsaw puzzle template is a fun activity for kids that just might teach them a thing or two about geography as well. (BONUS!) I love the idea of creating “question” flags to help them identify important places, too. Check out the how-to and download the free printable templates over on Mr. Continue Reading

Make It: DIY Patriotic Pillows for the 4th of July

created at: 07/02/2012

Independence Day is this week! By now you’ve stocked up on all your legal fireworks and have your favorite potato salad recipe ready to go. But, if you’re looking to bring a little of the red, white, and blue into your decor, we’ve got a simple sewing project for you!    

Ruched stripes and abstracted stars make for fancy, patriotic embellishments on these two easy DIY pillows from Autum Mousser of iCandy Handmade. Check out the detailed tutorial and you’ll be whipping up a few festive throw pillows in no time! Continue Reading