How to: Keep Your Freezer Organized

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Are you good at keeping your freezer organized? Not surprisingly, Martha Stewart is. Her team created some downloadable labels so you can monitor your zero-degree delicacies in style. Read on for the download and some general freezer safety guidelines.

According to the USDA, these are the recommended storage times for common freezer-bound items. These times are indicative of best QUALITY, only. Frozen food is safe to thaw and eat at anytime, it just might not taste as good.  Continue Reading

Reader Poll: What are Your Favorite Food Storage Containers

created at: 02/17/2011

The snow is finally melting this week, but it’s always soup season for me. I work at home, so I love spending weekends cooking up all kinds of healthful soups and freezing them, so I can microwave one quickly while in the middle of a project.

I’m aiming to do have one of those very soup marathons this weekend, and it brings up the classic cook ahead questions: once everything has simmered down so wonderfully, in what do you store all of it? Continue Reading

How To: Make Your Own Freeze Pops at Home

created at: 07/20/2010

Growing up, I heard these things called everything – tubepops, freeze pops, freezesicles, those long plastic popsicles in the plastic things…for some reason, we even called them “fatties.” But no one ever called them “healthy,” and understandably so: traditional recipes are nothing more than sugar, water, faux flavoring, and lots of chemical coloring.

But, if you’ve access to a vacuum food sealer – we’ve been drooling over this one for years – you can make your own with any fruit juice or popsicle recipe you please. Continue Reading

How To: Quick and Easy Homemade Ice Packs.

Your handpacked lunch. Sore joints. Picnics. Having a quick source of cold is infinitely helpful for keeping what you need chilled, and doing it well.

As it turns out, you can make your own – infinately sizeable and shapeable – but just limited how water freezes by adding something with a much lower freezing point, like alcohol….both the rubbing and the, er, vodka kind.

TipNut has assembled a few great DIY options, as well as some excellent packing and energy saving tricks. Continue Reading

20 Foods That Freeze Surprisingly Well…and 20 That Don’t.

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The fall harvest, prolific gardens, bulk discount stores, or weekend cooking frenzies. We often find ourselves with an abundance of deliciousness, but full bellies. So what to do with long-term leftovers and extra ingredients? As it turns out, your freezer is just as suited to hold fresh ingredients and homemade dishes as commercial pizza rolls and popsicles.

DIYLife lists twenty foods that freeze perfectly, and twenty that won’t fare so well…

And say goodbye to mold with this ultimate guide to preparing food for freezing. Continue Reading

Bulk Freeze with Individual Portions.

With only two people in my house, there’s always food to freeze. But that big iceberg of sauce can take hours to bring to temp, plus I usually don’t need all of it. Sure, I could freeze things in smaller containers, but that wastes bags or those plastic boxes, plus it takes up much more space.

This tip from Lunch in a Box offers a solution:”A standard tip for freezing ground foods or thick sauces in small
portions is to first put the food into a large freezer bag and press it
out as flat as possible, eliminating air pockets. Continue Reading