The Best Social Media Accounts for When You Need a Freaking Break

Best social media accounts for when you need a break

The news is generally disheartening. Work is stressful. Bills keep coming every month. My washing machine is making a weird sound. Life is rough, right? I need a break! Sometimes I just want to stare at my phone and enjoy myself for a minute. The problem is that scrolling through social media – a once relaxing and enjoyable experience – has turned into a version of hell all its own. Some accounts on Instagram are annoying. Continue Reading

Decor Disputes: What is Your Most Embarrassing DIY Moment?

Having been an avid DIYer for more years than I’d like to admit, I’ve run into more than a few embarrassing situations. Even with measuring twice (nay, FIVE times) a board will still get cut too short now and again. Those kinds of incidences aren’t so much embarrassing as profanity-producing. No, I’m talking about stuff that is so mortifying you want to crawl in a hole. Case in point: Several years ago I decided to make a mosaic ‘Welcome’ sign to put in my garden. Continue Reading

How to Make a GIGANTIC Pencil

 created at: 12/30/2011

Perfect for an office with a sense of humor or a kid’s room, this gigantic pencil is a snap to DIY. Michell fell in love with the idea when she saw one in a Pottery Barns Kids catalog and set to work making one of her own for a schmeasly 15 dollars. Supplies are minimal too and include paint, stove pipe and a pointed fence post, which, btw, is genius! Head on over to Craft Gossip for all the deets.  Continue Reading

What’s the Weirdest Thing You’ve Ever Seen for Sale on Craigslist?

image 0image 2

So yesterday I was perusing Craigslist looking for a room divider, and I came upon the weirdest thing. The tower/stand pictured above. How I got there searching for room dividers, I have no idea. The point is, there it was. A 20 foot tower. The seller says its big enough for two people “with room to spare”. (This room-for-a-buddy info is important because around these parts people use towers like this for deer hunting.) Personally, I think it’s super cool and, yes, a little weird, but that’s what you gotta love about Craigslist. Continue Reading

Oh So Clever Halloween Costume Idea?

created at: 10/24/2011

Last night while at the check out of our friendly co-op, a few of the women that work there and I started discussing Halloween costumes. One said that one of the guys that works in the produce department is going to dress as a carton of milk and carry a sign that reads “I am the 2%”. It’s by far one of the most clever ideas I’ve heard this Halloween season. How about you? Have you heard of or are you planning something uber clever??? Continue Reading

Do Not Attempt: Ride a Ladder Up an Escalator

created at: 07/14/2011

Hat tip to the folks at Little Giant for getting one of their Select Step Ladders on a moving escalator for new commercial. Yeah, we should ‘not attempt’, but, seriously, if I had an escalator nearby, I’d totally take our Little Giant for a ride! Check out the entire commercial:   

You can buy a Little Giant Select Step Ladder at Home Depot both in store and on-line ($198). (There’s free shipping for a limited time too.) Continue Reading

The Ostrich: Weird or Wonderful?

created at: 05/31/2011

You might be able to guess what this is just by considering the name. If you can’t, take a look at the ‘Ostrich’ in action:   


The makers describe it as a sort of pillow/cushion/bed/garment hybrid. Besides a means to escape, it’s perfect for taking ‘power naps’ at our desks. Not for those prone to claustrophobia, I’m guessing. 




Delectable April Fools Recipes!

april fools day food April Fools Day Fried Rice Cupcakes

A day of sanctioned pranks that happens to fall on Foodie Friday? You can bet there’s gonna be some recipes involved.

First up are Ole & Shaina’s Fried Rice Cupcakes (pictured above) that happen to be super simple to whip up.    

Is it lasagna or is it banana pudding cake? You decide! (This is from the Food Network, which has several really great April Fools Day recipes.)

Vanilla ice cream in cones or zipped up mashed potatoes? Continue Reading