18 Gallery Wall Ideas and How to Steal Them

18 Gallery Wall Ideas and How to Steal Them

I recently hung a gallery wall in my dining room using a combination of various frames and a couple other items, but first I scoured the internet for inspiration and a variety of gallery wall ideas to bring my boring white wall to life. Gallery walls add so much personality to a space, and you can customize them so many ways using new pieces, pieces you already own or a combination of the two.  

Here are 18 gallery wall ideas to draw inspiration from (and steal for your own home)! Continue Reading

Here’s How to Start Your Gallery Wall Today, Even if Your Art Collection Isn’t Complete

Rustic Eclectic Gallery Wall

I don't know about you, but I swoon over a good, curated art gallery wall. My Pinterest boards are filled with gallery walls created by designers and really talented stylists/bloggers, and these inspire me to display my own pieces. But what do you do when you only have one or two vintage pieces in your collection? Unless you're a designer or stylist who makes a living out of finding treasures, it can take a while to curate a collection of art you love. Continue Reading

Supporting Art in the Schools: Our National Painting Week Project is a Kids’ Art Crawl

We say it every year – National Painting Week is our favorite week of the year, because the power of paint is never ending. Each year, Sherwin-Williams puts out the call to bloggers all over the country to refresh a space, change its perspective, or add more emotion through the transformative power of paint. Last year, we embarked on a community-based project, making over our beloved neighborhood preschool.

It was so fun and rewarding that we decided to stick with the theme of community engagement. Continue Reading

My Hallway Turned Gallery!


created at: 2009-07-16

Like most homes, mine has a center hall. It’s been neglected for a very long time as we’ve only used it to go from one room to another. THAT has all changed. When you think about it, there’s a TON of real estate in a hallway; real estate that’s perfect for highlighting art–preferably YOUR art. I decided that’s what I wanted to do.

created at: 2009-07-16

I started with a couple coats of fresh paint and then MWT installed a new directional halogen ceiling light. Continue Reading