Eye Candy: 10 Unique & Inspiring Backyards Using Concrete, Tile, and Common Building Materials

10 Unique & Inspiring Backyards
photo: via The Guardian

It's safe to assume that concrete can never go out of style. The stuff is so versatile and you can make it as modern or as traditional as you like! And we love when you bring concrete in the garden! Here are 10 unique and inspiring outdoor spaces that were created with concrete, tile, or another medium specific to construction!      


10 unique and inspiring backyards
photo: via Concrete Network

1. This concrete patio utilizes the cement medium as much as possible. Continue Reading

How to Make String Gardens: 7 DIY Options

created at: 08/18/2011

The only thing I love more than when readers share projects they’ve done inspired by something I’ve posted is posting the pictures of the projects themselves. Here are three that were sparked by the String Gardens.   

The first ones are from Dale (pictured above and below) who used a coconut husk plant liner for one version and moss plants for another. She made nine of them in all and hung them in her porch and back yard. Continue Reading

String Gardens

Creations of Fedor van der Falk, these String Gardens are made using “a three-dimensional crochet filled with plaster, soil, moss, and grass.” I assume the combination of these enable the user to water the gardens without getting muddy water everywhere. Just how and in what combinations the elements are used, that’s what I’d like to know. If we can’t figure out how to DIY them ourselves, we can buy them at Pompon in Amsterdam.

A finger point to Huh Magazine. Continue Reading

Before & After: A Roundup of Spectacular Garden Makeovers

created at: 06/27/2011

If you’re looking for more outdoor inspiration, here’s a collection of garden makeovers that’s nothing short of spectacular!  

created at: 06/27/2011

I’m always a sucker for a good Before and After, but man oh man!  Some of these transformations are just amazing.  It’s great to see what an average homeowner and a lot of hard work can create, don’t you think?  Truly, truly inspiring!  (Now I really have no excuse NOT to tackle my boring little rectangle of sod.)   Continue Reading

Mega Roundup: 20 Modern Gardens to Delight and Inspire!

created at: 06/23/2011

It’s 95 degrees today and all I can think about is retreating to a lush garden with a cold drink and a good book.  If that garden happens to have a pool, all the better.  Instead, the reality of my yard is a rectangle of semi-alive grass surrounded by vinyl fencing.  It’s boring and drab, but after drooling over these modern gardens, I’m starting to see some serious potential.  If your yard is in a similar state, it’s time to hop on board the inspiration train!   Continue Reading

Curb Appeal Makeovers

created at: 05/10/2010

Your house should put forth a tasteful first impression, both for your enjoyment, as well as what a prospective buyer sees. Whether it’s the front door, the front step, the front yard or the overall front of the house, we can become blind to its’ faults, and that may necessitate an objective opinion. As much as it may hurt, a little curb appeal consultation may be worth more than making a good first impression, it may make the difference between a drive-by, or a look-see. Continue Reading

How To: Plan and Grow Your Own Maze

created at: 2009-04-21

The Ashcombe Maze in Austraila

Wasn’t anyone else mesmerized by the garden maze from Alice in Wonderland (A Big Golden Book)? After staring for hours at the queen’s chase in the maze illustration, I vowed I’d have one of my own some day. Probably not, but I sure love to look at photos of them. Surprisingly, many garden mazes and labyrinths have survived in Europe from as far back as the Middle Ages to present day.   Continue Reading

Determining Your Garden Style

created at: 2009-04-16

Contemporary, Mid-Century Modern, Traditional, Modern Country, Victorian….most of us Curbliers can distinguish one from the other and have most likely picked our favorite as our interior decor style. However, when it comes to gardens…well that can be a bit tricker. Maybe you’re like me and you’ve seen gardens you adore but are unsure as to what style they are. You describe it to others–maybe even your future landscape designer–trying to recreate the image in your head. Continue Reading