IKEA Hack! Add Gemstones to Glass Storage Canisters

My small bathroom leaves much to be desired, but we make the most of the space we have. When we moved in, we added two small glass shelves to hold perfumes, candles and bathroom essential stored in frosted glass canisters from IKEA. While its functional, the canisters just seemed a little boring for my taste, so I added gemstones to the storage canisters using agate slices. 


This was a simple way to upgrade simple glass canisters and bring a little more personality to a traditionally boring rental bathroom. Continue Reading

DIY Gemstone Drawer Pulls

created at: 09/28/2011

Sometimes updating a room is as simple as paying attention to the little things. Switching out paint color, accessories, and linens among other things can make a big impact for little cost. A little time and effort can go a long way.  

Lately I’ve been a bit – ahem – obsessed with geodes and home decor. The two play so nicely together, but I’d never thought of bringing them into the kitchen or bath. Then I saw this DIY project for drawer pulls using geode, sea glass, and minerals. Continue Reading