How To: Modern Mountain Clay Ornaments

How To: Modern Mountain Clay Ornaments

This holiday season, a group of the Curbly writers decided to team up and each of us created a simple and stylish new Christmas ornament. We're calling it the “Curbly Ornament Challenge” but there's not much competition involved…just a lot of fun, seasonal crafting. See all of the ornaments here.

This year, I am really leaning toward simple and minimal Christmas decor. I purposely went through our boxes and boxes of decorations and intentionally brought out a few select pieces we loved and had a purpose for. Continue Reading

DIY Leather Earrings – The Perfect Christmas Gift That Won’t Break the Bank

DIY leather earrings - the perfect Christmas gift that won't break the bank

Stylish jewelry usually comes with a matching price tag, which can be disheartening if you’re shopping for a Christmas gift on a budget. 

But that doesn't mean you need to forgo the thoughtful present that you had your heart set on! There are plenty of ways to DIY pretty accessories that’ll wow your friends, and I’ll share one with you today using one of my favorite materials – leather. Keep reading to see how I made these affordable DIY leather earrings.            Continue Reading

How To: Make a Modern Geometric DIY Leather Mouse Pad

created at: 09/30/2012

We’re nearing the finish line of our office makeover (more on that later) and so I’ve turned my attention to some of the finer details… details like, you know, mouse pads. After a desperate search to find some that blended form and function in a way that made my aesthetic-loving soul happy — and failing — I decided to make my own. And I’m glad I did because, holy cow, I love them!     

These bad boys combine a few of my favorite things: leather, triangles, and the color black (always good in the right doses). Continue Reading

How To: Make a DIY Geometric Wooden Planter or Catch-all

Photo: Dream a Little Bigger

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t completely obsessed with planters right now. My plant collection is slowly growing and, obviously, each one needs its own container! I have a few awaiting homes and I think these DIY wooden geometric planters may be the perfect solution.       

Photo: Dream a Little Bigger

Of course, this project from Dream a Little Bigger isn’t meant solely for plants! You can easily turn yours into a catch-all, a desk organizer, or just a decorative object. Continue Reading

Make It: Awesome DIY Triangle Shelving System

Whimsey Darling

When you've got a blank wall and regular floating shelves are just too boring, what do you do? Build this awesome triangle shelving system, that's what!      

Alex from Whimsey Darling has all the details for making your own version of these super cool statement shelves — check out the tutorial right here.

Just for fun, where would you use these shelves?

Curbly Ornament Challenge: DIY Copper + Brass Geometric Ornaments

Photo: Capree Kimball

I’m not gonna lie. I’m still very much on the copper and brass train and I wanted a way to incorporate these warm metals into my Christmas decor this year. The answer, of course, was right in front of me: simple geometric ornaments! Read on to see how to make these modern Christmas accessories in minutes.      

Photo: Capree Kimball


  • copper and/or brass sheets (I got mine on Amazon — just search “copper sheet”.
Continue Reading

Nursery Reveal: Small Office Turned Bright Geometric Nursery

Geometric Nursery Reveal
Photo: Sally Mae Photography

There's just an indescribable feeling when projects you've been working on are finally finished. That's exactly how I feel with our nursery. It's absolutely my favorite room I've ever been in. It turned out just like I wanted and I can't wait for you to see! Ya just gotta look. 

But first, you'll remember the before…

geometric nursery reveal
Photo: Lexy Ward

And the inspiration…

geometric nursery reveal
via Ouef


And here it is now! BOOM!

Geometric Nursery Reveal
Photo: Sally Mae Photography

That coat of white just really brightened things up. Continue Reading

How To: Show-Stopping DIY Geometric Wood Flooring

This is, hands down, the most unique flooring project I’ve ever seen. And the good news, of course, is that you can do it yourself!      

Mandi at Vintage Revivals has been overhauling a 1970s travel trailer from the ground up and everything about it has been pure perfection, not the least of which is this incredible DIY flooring job. While certainly time consuming, it’s a project that just about anyone with a ruler and a saw can accomplish. Continue Reading

Do-It-Yourself Wooden Hexagon Coasters For Your Memorial Day BBQ

diy wood hexagon coasters

We’ve reached the weekend of BBQs and graduation parties! It’s kind of like the official kick-off to summer. Celebrate with some simple and custom wood coasters!    


Cut from wooden blocks and painted black and white, these coasters are simple enough and match any party color scheme. Head over to Jade & Fern for the full tutorial!

DIY Wood Hexagon Coasters by [Jade & Fern]

Make It: Do-It-Yourself Faceted Candles

Geometric candle-making

Remember when you learned how to make beeswax candles when you were younger? I always thought that those were the only kind of candles one could make at home because the pretty ones just had to be store-bought! When I stumbled upon this candle-making tutorial, I was blown away at the two main supplies needed to create them! I mean, really!    

Eleanna from Tuts + shares a step-by-step (literally a photo for every step!) process for making these faceted wax beauties. Continue Reading