Get Nested: Meg Answers Reader’s Decor Questions, Round #3

created at: 11/18/2010

Here we go onto round 3! Most of you asked right on the blog post, but today I am answering the Facebook discussion board questions. Lighting, couches, big spaces to cover, these are great questions that I see a lot of people identifying with.

Tania Johnson asked: I have a bedroom that is solid walls of wood and really like the wood look. I am not against staining it I just don’t want to cover it up. Continue Reading

Get Nested: Meg Answers Your Questions, Round #2

created at: 11/16/2010

Hi everyone, and welcome to round two of our question and answer series on Get Nested. Thank you to everyone who sent in questions, I hope my answers are helpful! Stay tuned tomorrow, as we’ll have one more round of answers coming up!

Luisa asked: I have recently moved out the flat I used to share with my uni mates to my first very own tiny flat! I’m quite happy with most of the things in the new house although there’s still some painting to do here and there and I need to unpack a few more things, but what I’m finding difficult is to arrange my craft/painting material. Continue Reading

Get Nested: Meg Answers Your Questions, Round #1

Get Nested Q&A: Meg's AnswersI asked you to send in your nesting dilemmas, and have really enjoyed reading them. Now I will start answering them as best as I can. I hope it helps!

Anonymous sent in this great inquiry: “How necessary do you think headboards are in the bedroom? I can’t decide, but think it may just be because I haven’t found an idea I really like.  Do you have any good, simple, fun, creative, cheap ideas?”
created at: 11/11/2010

In my humble opion, there are no rules in home decor.

Continue Reading

How To: Make an Awesome Wall Treatment with Reclaimed Wood

In today’s video I show you how to do your own Reclaimed Wood Wall. This is a project I have been wanting to do for months and am so thrilled with the result. My husband and I were first inspired by The Antonio Treatment, an HGTV show starring a laid back kinda punk rock/metal dude who does everything green and features his dog Chewie a lot. We dig him. Antonio does BIG heavy hauls and revamps and shows glimpses into the projects, without doing big DIY tutorials. Continue Reading

How To: Convert a Secondhand Cabinet into a Bar

created at: 10/28/2010

On Tuesday, I gave you some of the elements that go into Building a Mad Men Bar, and today we are going to transform this vintage wooden piece into our own.

Our vintage wooden bar, before we did anything to it.  

I’m loving the bold look of black and white chevron pattern and want to combine this secondhand dark wood cabinet with a chevron pattern to create my own Mad Men-style bar.

Chevron patterns are my inspiration for this makeover.

To create a chevron paint finish you’ll need:

Supplies you'll need for this project.

To get started, lay out your drop cloth in a well lit and highly ventilated area. Continue Reading

Build a Mad Men Bar with Vintage Cocktail Ware and Classic Recipes

created at: 10/26/2010

If all of this talk of fall entertaining drives you to drink, never fear, that’s all you really need to be a great host. Building a stylish & chic bar can be your biggest asset during the cold and cozy seasons. Nothing welcomes someone into your home more than a freshly-poured drink on the rocks in a classic highball glass.

created at: 10/26/2010

I’ve assembled most of our barware from Etsy. Vintage highballs, drinks carts and ice buckets that would fit nicely in Don Draper’s office create an air of elegance we’re sorely missing these days. Continue Reading

Quick Tips for Easy Entertaining

created at: 10/21/2010

In today’s video I give you a little entertaining cheat sheet with a few ideas of key pieces and indispensable items to have on hand at home to make having people over easy and stress-free.

Having guests, friends and family over to your nest should be fun and enjoyable and doesn’t need to be panic-attack-inducing. The most important thing is to be in the moment and enjoy your company, instead of fretting over how clean your house is or what you are going to serve. Continue Reading

Pumpkin Bread & Mulling Spices Recipes

Welcome to the first installment of Get Nested, my fall series with Curbly. I find myself entertaining much more during the fall and winter seasons, and wanted to offer some helpful tips and recipes to you to help make your entertaining season as seamless as possible.

Mulling spices is a great way to give your home a great aroma.

Aromatic mulling spices make your home smell amazing and give it a warm and welcomeing feel. To make your own, add a teaspoon of cinnamon, cloves, and/or nutmeg to a pot of water. Continue Reading

Hardware Store Decor: DIY Industrial Pendant Lamp

pendant_lamp_books_web.jpgSometimes, there are those DIY projects that are perfectly timely and just hit every right spot there could be. This DIY pendant lamp is one of those indeed: its industrial look and home center-only supplies make it a perfect project to go alongside Curbly’s latest publication, Make It! Hardware Store Decor, and it works well in a dorm room, making it a great back-to school how-to. AND! Curbly and video host Meg Allan Cole are working on a fantastic new series to debut this fall. Continue Reading