How to Make Haunting, Hanging Ghost Decor for Halloween

Outdoor Halloween decor | DIY hanging ghosts

Goblins, ghosts, and ghouls — oh my! It's officially October, which means the green light is on for Halloween decorating. If you're looking for an affordable and low-key way to let little trick-or-treaters know you've got candy, a gaggle of ghosts is a safe bet. This outdoor Halloween decor isn't pricey or complicated. Plus, once night falls, these ghosts can light up for extra creepiness.            Spooky Halloween decor for outdoors

I've put together a short video if you want to watch how easy it is to make this outdoor Halloween decor. Continue Reading

Cute With a Lil’ Spook: DIY Mini Ghost Garland

Halloween ghost banner

Halloween is coming up quickly, and I don't know about you, but I'll be ready to start decorating soon. Usually when I get my home ready for Halloween, I tend to avoid the creepier, crawlier stuff and go straight for cute and classic. A few jack-o-lanterns, some fake cobwebs, and a ghost or two. Or, in this case, a whole string of them! The mini “boos” on this DIY Halloween banner are a cute and quick addition to a styled mantel or cart, or simply haunting on a wall or door.              Continue Reading

Freebie Alert: Modern Printable Halloween Gift Wrap

created at: 10/11/2012

This free black and white gift wrap, while created for Halloween, could definitely be used year-round! On top of that, you can even print it out to use as a poster or wall art! That’s a whole lot of awesome, people.    


Kate from MiniEco designed a few free PDFs for you to print and use however your heart desires — snag ’em right here!

Make Spooky Halloween Ghosts

ghost in chair 1pg Spooky halloween ghosts.

I am so happy to be posting this how-to! I found it about 10 months ago, and have been waiting for an opportune time to post it. The only thing is, I wish the picture was larger, because I don’t think it does the outcome justice. Oh, well. It’s still a great way to add some spooky ambiance to your dwelling this Halloween. Here’s what we’ll need to start the haunt:

  • gauze fabric (3 yards at 36″ wide)
  • 1 white plastic mask, or 2 if you want a two-sided ghost
  • 1 strand of clear twinkle lights with white wire
  • 1 small plastic ring
  • a glue gun and glue sticks

For the entire tute, head on over to Not2Crafty. Continue Reading

How to Make A Ghost

The supplies are minimal and the instructions are simple. First: buy yourself some chicken wire. Second: shape the chicken wire into a human figure. (I’d don a pair of work gloves for this part.)

Third: set your ghost in quiet corner somewhere outdoors and wait for Ghost Hunters to show up.

(P.S. If you're worried about your ghost getting rusty, you might want to consider spraying it with a clear coat sealant.)


Make Ghost Toast

Perfect for Halloween breakfast is this quick, easy and yummy ghost toast recipe from the Culinary Corner of The Charlotte Weekly.

1. Spread soft butter or margarine on a large slice of white bread.

2. Carefully cut or tear a ghostlike shape out of aluminum foil.

3. Press the foil shape on top of the buttered bread. Sprinkle the bread generously with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar.

4. Place the slices on a baking sheet and slip under a preheated broiler for about two or three minutes or until the butter is hot and bubbly. Continue Reading